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Let us become true ecotourists

By Tribune Travel

May 11, 2022

Let’s face it: Today, any outdoor activity can be called “ecotourism” as a synonym for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, many of the activities offered are anything but friendly or respectful of nature. We can’t call ourselves true ecotourists.

Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings are full of offers of fantastic adventure activities within well-preserved rural or natural areas. The ATV or horseback rides or entering the jungle in large all-terrain vehicles are good examples. All are very valid and very fun, but we should not think of them as “ecological” tours.

Enjoying nature is fashionable, and it can be something positive for the environment. It provides an opportunity to get in touch with the natural environment and become aware of it. But on the other hand, it can cause many problems, sometimes more complicated than the benefits.

true ecotourists taking photos of nature

Marietas Islands, a case study

A good example is in the Marietas Islands. In recent years they have become so crowded that the excessive number of visitors began to severely affect the ecosystem. This also directly affects visitors, who cannot enjoy the site properly.

Then there is the problem that those who are “adventurous” just want to have fun. Thus, without proper supervision, they can cause a lot of damage and pollution. They also cause the site to deteriorate considerably. But there is something very important we usually overlook. In most cases, the income does not benefit the local communities or the nature itself. Rather, it reaches the pockets of a few.

Responsible, true ecotourists

Practicing ecotourism implies a responsibility both of those who offer the service and of those who practice it. Besides the obvious respect for the environment, it must improve the quality of life of local communities. Since ecotourism seeks to make visitors aware and change their way of seeing nature, they must finish their activities deeply satisfied.

true ecotourists enjoying a waterfall

So, a maximum limit of visits is in order, and they must always be in small groups. This way, there are more personal dealings and it becomes a less “invasive” activity. As visitors are more in order, damage to the ecosystem becomes minimal.

There is no doubt that Puerto Vallarta is what it is thanks to outdoor tourism. It has allowed many natural sites survive the messy and rapid urban growth. The rural communities have been able to find a more environmentally friendly business option. It has helped them set aside, for example, the invasive extensive cattle ranching or the illegal extraction of wood.

What can we do?

The first and most important step is already taken. Now we need to improve services a little more to make them more sustainable. However, the support of authorities is essential to make these activities evolve and become more genuine and truly ecological.

Before finishing, we must remember that ecotourism is an attitude; a philosophy, a way of being. But the most important thing is that to be so, we do not need to spend a single peso. Just take some food and drink in your backpack and leave the city. Find a place away from the hustle and bustle, because nature is waiting for us with open arms.

We just need to walk a little and get some path. Open our eyes, tune our ears and breathe in the aroma of the magnificent natural beauty that surrounds us. If we apply the “see and not touch” rule, leaving everything as we found it, we will have become the best eco-tourists on the planet.





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