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Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator?

By Tribune Travel

February 04, 2022

After popping the question and a bottle of champagne, couples are faced with the serious issue of planning a wedding. While some opt for a simple, local affair, destination weddings are becoming a more popular choice for those who love to travel and celebrate in style. However, planning a wedding in a distant location or foreign country isn’t so easy. Unless you have the help of a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, of course. As you get your team together, it’s important to understand the difference between a planner and coordinator. As you compare a wedding planner vs coordinator, you’ll find the right fit for your day.

Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator

Are Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator the same?

While some might mistakenly use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between a wedding planner and coordinator. The key thing to consider is how much help you want with planning. An independent wedding planner will be with you every step of the way. Meanwhile, a venue’s wedding coordinator will step in closer to the big day. They will help with more of the logistics and making sure everything runs smoothly.

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What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

To make your choice, it’s important to understand what a wedding coordinator does. When you look at whether a wedding coordinator is the same as a wedding planner, you’ll see that a coordinator’s role isn’t to give you as many wedding planning tips or to help you organize details like the dress, flowers, or the order of the ceremony. About two months before your wedding, they’ll check in with you to see what you’ve done so far. They’ll confirm logistics with all the vendors.

They’ll help plan out the flow of the day. Also, they’ll be there to make sure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions people have. Leaving you free to bask in the romance and excitement is the point. If you’re very organized and looking forward to doing the planning, hire a wedding coordinator to take over the logistics as the big day approaches.


What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner’s role is much more hands-on than what a wedding coordinator does. Thus, their services are quite a bit more expensive, but they will be working with you the whole time. The main difference between a wedding planner and coordinator is that a planner will help you create a timeline for all the details you need to arrange, listen to your ideas, attend all meetings with your vendors, and give you their best wedding planning tips. Planning your ceremony and reception may be overwhelming. Then, the cost of hiring a wedding planner and alleviating the stress is all worth it. The price difference of a wedding planner vs coordinator shouldn’t be your main concern.

Before making any choices, it’s important to know if a wedding coordinator is the same as a wedding planner, and as you compare a wedding planner vs coordinator, you’ll find the right fit for your personality. Whether you want lots of help along the way or just need the pressure taken off your shoulders as the big day approaches, one of the best wedding planning tips is to book early.






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