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Are Travel Agencies out of the market?

By Tribune Travel

October 15, 2021

In recent years, people have catalogued travel agencies as unnecessary. While you are planning a vacation trip, a lot of questions come to your mind. Is this really the best deal? Am I following the best route? Will my kids be comfortable in this hotel?


Even with all these doubts, we decide to organize the travel by ourselves. Why? We tend to think that prices are higher with travel agencies compared to internet. On the web, we can make a reservation in a matter of minutes. We can find good deals in a matter of minutes a click away.


However, what many people don’t know is that travel agencies usually have direct deals with travel providers. Lodging, flights, tours, and shuttle operators work with travel agencies to offer better deals. And when these deals don’t exist, they make up with a personalized service and product expertise. Thus, they can offer a hassle-free experience to their clients.


travel agencies


There are a number of boutique agencies specialized in custom-designed travels. They offer special discounts in specific hotels, for example. They are experts in certain destinations that may be not so common, such as small, quaint towns. Most of the time they don’t charge reservation fees to their clients and can offer them special amenities and upgrades.


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Also, during the months of pandemic, a worrying issue came up. Many people lost their money for online reservations they had made. They didn’t offer reimbursements or required time- and energy-consuming processes to get them. On the contrary, among the services offered by travel agencies is the security of getting a reimbursement for your trip if you can’t take it. Obviously, some terms and conditions will apply. Also, legal assistance is available for their clients.


You enjoy the tranquility of having your full trip designed for you. Flights, hotels, tours, and restaurants are in experts’ hands. This may not sound as important in popular destinations such as Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos. Here, you just get off the plane, take a cab to your hotel and everything is easily accessible. On the other hand, there are also other more complicated destinations that require a closer knowledge of local culture. here is where agencies take charge of the necessary steps to guarantee a nice trip.


travel agencies


Because even when information is available at the tip of your fingers, there is no better recommendation than that of the true experts. Those who have walked, eaten, and slept in the destination you want to visit. Travel agents become your ally to avoid tourist traps and devote your time and attention to truly meaningful experiences.






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