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Hospiten tells us about anxiety and how to manage it

By Tribune Travel

December 14, 2022

One of the most common reasons people seek advice is for problems of an anxious nature.

However, what exactly do we mean when we mention anxiety? Anxiety is a biological response to a stimuli that is deemed dangerous that gets us ready to deal with the threat. Our body keeps us on high alert because it notices when something endangers our security or our interests and concentrates on finding a solution.

At some point in our life, such as before an exam or a job interview, we have all experienced anxiety. While it is true that we feel more anxious under these circumstances, we also perform and operate more effectively, which will enable us to deal with the problem in the best way possible.

Some of the most recognizable signs of anxiety include: an uneasy feeling, an elevated heart rate, a sense of impending danger, perspiration, fatigue, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, an excessive tendency to analyze our thoughts, etc.

Now that we are aware that anxiety is a natural response of our body and that it serves a purpose, when can we say that the anxiety we experience is a problem? When anxiety persists over a long period of time with a high degree of symptoms or when it emerges unexpectedly and for no apparent reason, it is said to become maladaptive. We will have general discomfort and a sense of powerlessness as a result, which can cause a variety of psychopathological disorders.

Let us talk about anxiety management now that we are aware of how restrictive it may be. Although it may not seem like it, we have already begun because the first step in learning how to manage anxiety is to understand what it is. Then, with the help of psychotherapy, we can focus on emotional management, desensitize the ingrained dread to the start of anxiety, and reinterpret our body’s signals in the face of danger. These coping skills will help us deal with it in our daily lives.





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