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Hospiten tells us about eye cataract and its causes

By Tribune Travel

April 21, 2023

Eye cataract is a disease associated with loss of vision. It usually occurs in people over the age of 60, but sometimes in younger patients.

This loss of vision is related to the clouding of the crystalline lens, which is transparent in its natural state.

People suffering from cataracts have the sensation of seeing blurred or hazy images, a sensation similar to seeing through fog. This loss of sharpness is manifested in difficulty in performing everyday activities such as reading, driving, distinguishing objects, etc.

The development of cataracts is usually progressive and the loss of visual acuity does not occur from one day to the next. However, this condition does not go away on its own and will progressively reduce the visual acuity of the sufferer.


Symptoms of cataract

The appearance of cataracts is usually associated with

– Difficulty seeing at night

– Seeing halos around lights or bright objects

– Double vision in one eye

– Loss of color perception

– Sensitivity to light

– Blurred vision


Cataracts usually occur in both eyes, but each eye behaves differently. One eye is usually more affected and has less vision than the other.

Cataracts are not visible to the naked eye, so if you are having trouble seeing and are experiencing several of these symptoms, it is time to see an eye care professional.

Why do cataracts occur?

The transparency of the lens can be affected for several reasons, but usually the cause is related to natural aging or injury.

Age-related cataracts

Cataracts that occur with age are related to the loss of flexibility of the lenses that are part of the eye. As we age, the lenses become more rigid and some tissues break down, causing increased opacity in some areas.

The more breakage and tissue buildup that occurs, the more cloudiness will occur in the lens.

Cataracts caused by injury and/or surgery

Previous eye injury or surgery can lead to cataracts. The buildup of damaged tissue can cause this condition even in young people.

Other causes

To a lesser extent, cataracts can be caused by diseases such as diabetes or long-term use of certain medications.


Risk factors for cataracts

Certain habits and factors increase your chances of developing cataracts.

    Aging. One of the most important factors.


    High blood pressure.

    Injuries and blows to the eye and previous eye surgery.

    High sun exposure


    Habitual tobacco use

    Habitual excessive use of alcohol

    Prolonged use of corticosteroids

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