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Hospiten tells us about the importance of oral health

By Tribune Travel

March 27, 2023

Taking care of our mouth is essential because “it is the gateway to food and breathing”, which means that any infection or problem that exists in our oral cavity will eventually be transferred to the inside of the body.

Its care is of great importance because teeth are the main ones responsible for crushing food to make better digestion, so not taking care of it can cause digestive problems, and not being able to chew the food properly.

The most common pathologies resulting from poor oral health are gingivitis and, in advanced stages, periodontitis. These diseases cause problems in the gums that, if left untreated, affect the bone that supports the teeth, which can lead to tooth loss. Other conditions common at this time include tooth decay, plaque or tartar buildup, and tooth sensitivity. In addition, poor oral health will exacerbate any underlying or systemic disease the patient is suffering from.

Prevention and early detection are key to the treatment of all diseases related to our oral cavity. In addition, the early detection of these pathologies means that in the vast majority of cases, treatments and interventions will be much less expensive, which is one of the main fears of patients when faced with this type of intervention.

Although prevention is important at all ages, we need to be especially vigilant in the early years, as this is when healthy oral habits are acquired that will be repeated in adulthood. In addition, people are becoming more aware of oral health care.

Dentists recommend visiting the dentist at least once a year. At Hospiten, we recommend that our patients visit the dentist every six months in order to detect any pathology in time and act as quickly as possible, and if no treatment is required at the check-up, there is no charge.





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