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Planning your Wellness Vacations

By Tribune Travel

December 07, 2021

Wellness vacations are an investment in yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are opportunities to establish healthy routines away from distractions and everyday temptations. You’ll find that days filled with reading, exercise, and fresh fruits and vegetables can make you feel better than days of laying around drinking beer on vacation. Wellness vacations for singles are also the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and to escape the rush of work. Start planning your Cabo San Lucas health and wellness spa vacations today!




Choosing Your Resort: There are a variety of resorts to choose from, but only a few focus on providing health and wellness vacation packages. Browsing through the luxurious options and packages for health and wellness spa vacations, you’ll find resorts that resonate with you. It might be their extensive gym and spa options, breathtaking views of the sea, or posh suites. Check some health and wellness vacation packages. Take full advantage of these amenities and gourmet restaurants that serve the freshest Mexican produce and meats.


Exercising Your Body: Working out is important to overall wellness. But if you keep exercising as everyone when you hate it, you’re never going to create a lifestyle change. Wellness vacations in Los Cabos are a great time to try something new and find what you love. Begin your day with a jog on the beach, or rent a bike to see the city. There are a variety of yoga classes in town, or you can use Youtube to practice in the privacy of your suite on your all inclusive wellness vacations. If your soul feels called to the water, swim laps in the pool, or head out to sea in a kayak or on a paddleboard. As your muscles grow stronger, you’ll discover a fresh source of energy and connection with your body and surroundings.

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Fueling Your Body: Before you sit down at the gourmet restaurants included in health and wellness vacation packages, remember that you’re fueling your body to keep moving and feeling its best. In Cabo, you have direct access to the bounty of the sea and fresh produce. Look for options on the menu that feature fish and a variety of vegetables. Selecting healthy foods will make indulging in sizzling tacos and tangy margaritas even more rewarding. While dining on wellness vacations for singles may feel lonely or uncomfortable at first, use the time to reflect on your day and be present, tasting every texture and spice in your meal.


Quieting Your Mind: Mindfulness is essential to holistic wellness vacations. People throw this term around a lot these days, overcomplicating and commercializing it. At its basis, mindfulness is simply being aware of your thoughts and living in the present. Take one day and one breathe at a time, leaving your frustrations and worries in the past. Try guided meditations with an app like Insight Timer, or go outside and wonder at the beauty of nature, paying attention to all the sensory details around you, feeling the fresh air filling your lungs. Another easy tip for being mindful is to put your phone away. Disconnect from email, news, and social media to find yourself living fully in the present, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to break the habit of constantly checking your phone.




Recharging Your Spirit: Each person has different ways of being quiet and recharging their spirit. For some, a good book by the pool is the perfect recipe for relaxation. Others recharge through journaling, listening to music, wandering the charming streets of Cabo, or indulging in spa treatments. Your all inclusive wellness vacation package likely includes spa discounts and a variety of onsite activities. Wellness vacations for singles don’t have to be solitary. While you will meet other solo travelers on your adventures, you can also take advantage of your free time to reconnect and call friends and family. Do more of what makes your soul happy on your health and wellness spa vacations.

All inclusive wellness vacations are an investment in yourself. Improve your physical and spiritual health by disconnecting from the rush of society and escaping to paradise where you can establish healthy routines for a fresh perspective when you return home.





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