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Celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead in Cabo San Lucas

By Tribune Travel

October 31, 2022

In Cabo San Lucas, the Day of the Dead is a joyous occasion when family and communities come together to share food, clean cemeteries, and tell tales of the deceased. Your Mexico vacation will be a culturally interesting experience if you participate in the well-known and vivid Day of the Dead rituals on November 1 and 2. You will also gain an understanding of the significance of this holiday. Take part in these events in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Halloween in Cabo San Lucas

Halloween in Cabo San Lucas occurs the evening before Day of the Dead, and local celebrations are based on US customs. Trick-or-treating has become popular among Mexican children, who parade the streets of Cabos yelling, “We want Halloween! “. If you’re missing the customary Halloween celebrations back home, go to downtown Cabo San Lucas with a bag of sweets and pick a spot outside a restaurant. You will participate in Halloween in Cabo San Lucas by handing out candy.

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Day of the Dead Facts

It is important to know the origins and foundations of Mexican holidays and customs before partaking in them. The Day of the Dead holiday dates back to the pre-Aztec era, when people held the notion that the spirits of the deceased might visit their loved ones in the afterlife and provide guidance and solace. Many Day of the Dead customs stem from the creation of memorials and keeping the memory of the deceased alive. Keep an eye out for some of these customs and facts while you celebrate Day of the Dead in Cabo San Lucas:

  • Pan de Muerto: A Day of the Dead staple, this pastry has a faint orange flavor and is dusted with sugar.
  • Ofrendas: Traditionally, Day of the Dead shrines are erected to remember and pay respect to the deceased. Numerous symbols can be found on the altars, such as candles to light the road for the dead and water to satiate their thirst.
  • Catrinas: These Victorian-clad skeletons are a staple of Day of the Dead festivities. They serve as a reminder that all people—rich or poor—are mortal beings who will eventually pass away.


Altars for Day of the Dead

Building traditional Day of the Dead altars is a family activity as well as a public exhibition. You may see altars in restaurants and shops all over the city, but to see the largest exhibit during the Day of the Dead event, go to Plaza Amelia Wilke, where locals have crafted lovely displays with brilliant flowers and vibrant artwork. As you move between the several altars, you’ll see the beauty of Day of the Dead customs, and the city awards the best exhibit.

Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo

Visit the galleries to learn more about traditional and modern Mexican artists whose works are inspired by various Mexican holidays and traditions as the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk continues beyond the Day of the Dead festival. The galleries will host unique exhibitions of traditional artwork that evokes the spirit of the Day of the Dead as the celebration draws near.

The Day of the Dead celebration in Cabo San Lucas is one of the most joyous occasions of the year out of all the Mexican holidays and customs. The community honors its traditions while sharing recollections of the deceased. On November 1 and 2, if you are fortunate enough to be in Cabo San Lucas, you will be able to take part in this renowned event and all of its customs.





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