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How to Get to Cabo San Lucas

By Tribune Travel

August 28, 2021

How to get to Cabo San Lucas? There’s several ways to fly or sail there, but once you’ve arrived, you won’t want to leave. No matter which way of how to get to Los Cabos you choose, you’ll find yourself in paradise with your toes in the water and a drink in your hands. Ever since Hollywood stars started vacationing on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, travelers from around the world have heard the travel information about Cabo San Lucas and gone to see the beauty and excitement of this dazzling city. Use this guide to get to Los Cabos, and discover the wonders of the Baja Peninsula for yourself.


International Flights

From American Airlines to WestJet, most major airlines fly to Los Cabos, and with more and more direct flights from cities across the US and Canada, how to get to Cabo San Lucas is easier than ever. There are a few tips and tricks for saving money on the best way to get to Cabo. For discounts on flights, search during major sales, like Black Friday, and sign up for airlines’ newsletter to get alerts on sales. To find the lowest price, always check directly with the airlines before booking. As you look up travel information about Cabo San Lucas, you’ll learn that tourism typically is lower in the summer months, so most travel companies offer discounts between June and September.


Domestic Flights

For some travelers, a single destination isn’t enough. Explore the various cities of Mexico, from the mountains to the sea, and fly domestically to see it all before reaching your Cabo San Lucas location. Calafia Airlines and Volaris are two of the major Mexican companies with service to Cabo. Using another Mexican city as a layover gives you more ways for how to get to Los Cabos, and on the way, you can stop and explore more of this diverse country.


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Cross Border XPress

No matter how you get to your Cabo San Lucas location, you’ll have to cross through immigration and customs. Today, one of the easiest ways to do so is between San Diego and Tijuana International Airport at the Cross Border XPress. For foreigners to pass through the walkway, they’ll need their FMM immigration form, payment of migratory rights, your boarding pass, and CBX ticket. You can only pass within 24 hours of your departure, but from Tijuana, you can fly cheaply and directly south to Los Cabos. Knowing this bit of travel information about Cabo San Lucas, you have more options for flight paths between the US and Mexico, and for those living on the west coast, it’s the best way to get to Cabo.


Cabo Ferry

Perhaps the most unique way for how to get to Cabo San Lucas is by boat. Experienced travelers are familiar with the ferries that daily shuttles visitors and locals between Mazatlan and La Paz, one of the closest major cities to Los Cabos. If you’re traveling around Mexico and wanting to see more of the sea, hopping aboard the ferry is the best way to get to Cabo. The boats depart daily from Mazatlan and La Paz at 3:00pm, and the journey takes about 15 hours depending on the wind. While the ferry is included in every guide to get to Los Cabos, it’s still one of the most unique and scenic routes. Along the way, you’ll likely spot whales and dolphins out at sea.


With this guide to get to Los Cabos, it’s time to make your way to the sunny shores of Mexico. Hop aboard the ferry, take a direct flight, or explore the diversity of Mexico, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a stunning Cabo San Lucas location with the sea breeze playing in your hair and the sun kissing your skin. No matter which way you choose for how to get to Los Cabos, you’ll discover the adventure of a lifetime.





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