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Live Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos

By Tribune Travel

February 13, 2023

After a certain period, keeping romance alive can be a full-time job, and when the butterflies have flown, you may be looking for the perfect place to bring your simmer back to a boil. This means fewer nightclub belly shots and more couple massages and perhaps a way to squeeze in a little romantic road trip, like booking an escapade to explore the amazing coast of the Sea of Cortez. Now we are talking romance!

What to do in Los Cabos, couples’ version

For both mature couples and youthful duos alike, there are plenty of options for romantic activities in Los Cabos. These experiences blend adventure, luxury, and the occasional camel ride for an unforgettable getaway. Impress your significant other with a candlelit beach walk on the back of a camel, followed by a stop at an upscale restaurant for a fine dining experience that will leave a lasting impression.

To elevate the romance, consider renting a private yacht to watch the sunset while surrounded by the tranquil waters near the El Arco rock formation. To make the moment extra special, arrange for a couples massage on the yacht’s deck.

Los CAbos Arch formation

Your lodging is key for romance in Los Cabos

If you’re seeking a romantic getaway, consider leaving the planning to a professional. When you choose Los Cabos as your destination, rather than the party atmosphere of Cancun, it becomes a matter of selecting the ideal resort to make the entire trip a memorable experience. This is where the prestigious hotels of Los Cabos come to play, offering luxurious and personal in-suite services to enhance the romance between you and your significant other.

The stunning views of the crystal blue ocean and sky will take your breath away. You can enjoy a spa day in the comfort of your room or opt for a couple’s massage followed by hydrotherapy and skin treatments at the resorts’ spas. Soak up the sun or explore the area with a tour. To complete the romantic experience, make a reservation for an intimate dining experience under the stars, with the staff taking care of everything to create the perfect ambiance for just the two of you.

Santa MAria beach in Cabo San Lucas

A different approach is possible

It is often the case that the most romantic gesture one can offer their partner is the gift of independence and the ability to indulge in their own pursuits. At a premium resort, there are a plethora of options and activities to cater to the preferences of even the most discerning individuals. Allow your partner the opportunity to plan a special surprise for both of you. Following a day of pursuing personal interests, the evening will be filled with exciting tales to share and opportunities for fresh conversation.





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