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Swim in the Blue Flag-certified beaches in Los Cabos

By Tribune Travel

January 04, 2023

There are 18 Blue Flag-certified beaches in Los Cabos. The Blue Flag program was established in France in 1985 to certify beaches that are safe, clean, and favorable to the environment. The program has evolved into one that supports environmental and sustainable development activities, and as of today, 4,820 beaches, marinas, and boats have received certification from it in 49 different countries.

Water cleanliness and quality

Excellent water quality is a requirement for Blue Flag beaches. Water samples from the swimming areas and the sources that supply those areas are tested at least once every 31 days. The water must not contain any sewage, wastewater, or industrial pollutants. They must also be free of contaminants, and debris.

On the beach, there should be information about the water quality. A water dispenser also needs to be present in the area. The beach must be tidy and devoid of trash; it must provide restrooms with enough cubicles to accommodate beachgoers; and they must be kept clean.

blue flag beach in Los Cabos

Environmental Education and Safety

The Blue Flag program is built around two pillars: environmental education and safety. Connecting the general population with their environment and inspiring environmental education are the objectives.

All Blue Flag beaches provide and support environmental education programs. Another requirement is to always have information on the local biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural phenomena.

Blue Flag beaches must have security measures in place, such as lifeguards or, at the very least, rescue equipment for beaches with low risk or little traffic. On the beach, there should be a medical kit. More information on the Blue Flag criteria can be found at: http://www.blueflagmexico.org/criterios.php

18 Blue Flag beaches in Los Cabos

El Corsario

Playa El Corsario is a swimmable beach located southeast of the marina. This beach got its Blue Flag certification in 2017. Admission is free. People with disabilities can access it. There are lifeguards on the beach.

blue flag

El Médano Beach

The most popular beach in Los Cabos. It is a long strip of sand and hotels. People sit in beach clubs or towels under umbrellas, play beach volleyball, and partake in water sports and activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, and flyboarding. Playa El Médano has 13 smaller sections of beach, each with its respective Blue Flag distinctive.

Many of these beaches received their certificate in 2018. All of them have lifeguards. Most have access for people with disabilities. The entrance to all the beaches is free. To learn more about each beach, visit http://www.blueflagmexico.org/index.php and click on the map in each destination.

Touristic Corridor

Las Viudas, Santa María, Palmilla, and Acapulquito beaches are located in the tourist corridor that connects Cabo San Lucas with San José del Cabo. Acapulquito is the closest Blue Flag beach to San José del Cabo.

Have you been to any Los Cabos beaches that display the Blue Flag? You can find the complete list of beaches with the Blue Flag at: http://www.blueflagmexico.org/index.php





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