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3 unmissable things to do in Los Cabos in 2023

By Tribune Travel

January 16, 2023

Unquestionably, one of the places that will continue to establish trends in 2023 is Los Cabos. Due to its wide variety of tourist attractions, unbeatable climate, renowned golf courses, and, of course, flora and wildlife accompanied by stunning views, this Mexican paradise has remained in the memories of travelers from Mexico and throughout the world.

Los Cabos is a great option if traveling is one of your New Year’s intentions. Here are three things you absolutely must accomplish during your visit. More options will come soon.


Play on one of its famous golf courses

Due to its advantageous location, the mountains, desert, and sea can cohabit peacefully around Los Cabos. They transform it into the perfect canvas for golf fans and beginners. With 16 open courses, Los Cabos is recognized as one of the top golfing destinations in Latin America. One example is the golf course designed by Greg Norman. This course, based on the original topography, offers stunning panoramic views,. it is a par-72 course with a flexible surface area of 6,590 meters. From here, you can gaze at the wonderful waves the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

golf in los cabos

Whale watching

The best times to see such a stunning natural spectacle are in the fall and winter. Between December and mid-April, whales travel about 19,000 kilometers to give birth to their calves in the warm seas of Baja California, Mexico. The Minke, Bryde’s, Sei, Humpback, Gray, and Blue whales, as well as other eight of the world’s eleven known species, frequent the Mexican coasts. Even orcas have been sighted at times in the Cabo waters. The fact that some specimens are interested about the adjacent boats and give the spectators some jumps and greetings they will not soon forget is part of what makes this event so fascinating. Whale watching is a popular activity on the Baja California peninsula.

orcas in los cabos


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El Arco de Los Cabos tour

Surely enough, El Arco is what makes the place unique. It is situated precisely where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge. This natural wonder, commonly referred to as the “Land’s End,” has made a name for itself as a must-see when traveling to Los Cabos. Contact your resort’s concierge or walk up to a service provider at La Marina to arrange to see it up close. The starting location for visits to this natural beauty is La Marina. Take this into account while making travel arrangements.

el arco at los cabos





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