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Whale watching in Los Cabos for the first time: What you should know

By Tribune Travel

November 30, 2023

When you go whale watching in Los Cabos, you experience the majesty of these gentle giants in their natural surroundings. To increase your chances of seeing these amazing animals, however, timing is important when embarking on an adventure.

Los Cabos becomes a top location for people who want to observe the amazing show of humpback whales. In Los Cabos, the humpback whale migration season runs from December to April, with January and March serving as the prime viewing months. At this time of year, groups of humpback whales perform acrobatic routines and gracefully glide across the glistening waters.


humpback whale breaching and Los Cabos Arch

How to pick your tour

When planning a whale-watching excursion, tour operators should be carefully considered. Reputable businesses put sustainability first and follow moral principles that protect the health of marine life. They use knowledgeable guides that have a great deal of familiarity with the local seas and whale behavior.

Consult with locals for advice, check internet reviews, and find out if the operator is committed to ethical whale-watching methods. Make sure the tour boat complies with capacity restrictions, has safety features, and is properly maintained.


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What should you wear?

Proper clothing is vital for a comfortable and enjoyable experience as whale-watching trips usually entail spending many hours at sea.

Choose clothing that is breathable, light, and shields you from the sun. Wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen is important while protecting oneself from the weather.

Select deck shoes with traction that are non-slip for use on damp areas. Steer clear of sandals and high heels that could be dangerous.

People whale watching in Los Cabos

Choose your viewing spot

Getting a great viewing position on the boat can make a big difference in how much fun you have whale watching.

The boat’s bow frequently provides unhindered views, making it possible to see whales up close. But watch out for the wind and spray, which might be stronger near the front of the boat.

With a panoramic view from the upper deck, you may search the ocean for whales breaking the surface. But be ready for increased wind and possible sun exposure.


Patience is key

Observation skills and patience are required for whale watching in Los Cabos. Whale sightings can be erratic, influenced by weather, currents, and whale behavior, unlike interactions with land-based species.

Continue to be alert, keeping an eye out for activity indicators like splashes, spouts, or breaching whales. Make use of binoculars to improve your viewing pleasure.

Mainly, take into consideration that you are watching a sentient and conscious being. Whales are aware of the presence of boats and people, and sometimes can be even playful. Go ready to enjoy the experience of witnessing life magic of life





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