Puerto Vallarta

Be amazed by the sea, sand and sun present in the beaches of Mexico. Ideal to gaze at the spectacular sunsets or to see the sun rise in the morning. You will be enchanted.

Top Beaches

Boca de Tomates

Right on the northern border of Puerto Vallarta, the Boca de Tomates beach is washed by the waters of the Ameca River.
This beach stands out for its gastronomic offer. It is also popular for being the perfect space to watch the natural ecosystem of Puerto Vallarta. In the neighboring Boca Negra estuary you will find exotic flora such as red, black and white mangrove, and exotic fauna of endemic and traveling birds, turtles, crabs and crocodiles. Swimming is not advised. To get here from central Puerto Vallarta, you must take the road to Tepic and before crossing the Ameca Bridge you must turn left and take the dirt road.

Camarones Beach

Featuring clear sands and calm waters most of the year, Playa Camarones has a super-centric location.

This site is another of the classics in the downtown area to get away from the urbanization, without getting too far away from it.

Starting from the historic Rosita Hotel next to the Malecón and ending in the surroundings of the Hotel Villa Premiere, this is one of the cleanest beaches with the highest tourist flow both in the area and in the city in general.

Playa Camarones is perfect to cool off in its waters, sunbathe and eat or drink something in one of the several beach bars and clubs that overlook the shore. The most practiced activities here are casual walks, beach athletics, sport fishing in the south, paddle board, jet skies and boat rides or horseback riding.

Playa Camarones is a meeting point for locals and foreigners alike. Getting here is not complicated, because all the streets reaching the sea from Mexico Avenue in the center of the city give access to the beach.

El Salado Beach

Playa El Salado goes from the Hotel Velas Vallarta through the Bay View Grand Condo and the Marina golf course.

It reaches the limits of Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport.

The access is by Paseo Boca Negra street, but vehicle pass is banned after 7:00 pm, so it is better to get there on foot. Being a beach quite far away from everything, at certain times it is usually very lonely, because you do not usually see even street vendors. Here you will enjoy a different perspective of the bay.

Esmeralda Beach

This beach is a true hidden treasure. On the highway to Mismaloya, you have to take the narrow street leading to the Sierra del Mar condominiums and access through the passage between the two buildings.

This beach is a tropical paradise surrounded by a few palm trees, fine white sand, beautiful landscapes and crystal clear vibrant emerald waters that lives up to its name, a perfect place for snorkeling, swimming or just sunbathing. If you stay late do not forget to watch the sunset over its breakwater, a natural spectacle!

Las Gemelas Beach

Nine kilometers south of  downtown Puerto Vallarta is Las Gemelas (The Twins) beach.

It has a controlled schedule from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, one of the few beaches with this feature. It is usually very crowded on weekends, but knowing how to arrive at the right time and day, you can enjoy it at its best, whether swimming, snorkeling or just sunbathing.

Las Gemelas offers a pleasant landscape with turquoise tones and soft sand, while on the left you have a view of the famous Los Arcos marine park and the oh-so-sung sunsets.

Las Glorias Beach

Taking its name from the area of ​​the city where it is located, Playa Las Glorias is an extensive area of ​​urban beaches bathing the complexes in the North Hotel Zone.

Along Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, it starts behind the Canto del Sol hotel and reaches as far as the Villa del Palmar hotel. This one hundred percent family-friendly beach is just under one kilometer long. Golden sands where you can sunbathe.

Depending on the season, you will also find its calm and blue waters where you can cool off in days of intense heat. Getting to this beach is relatively easy, as any bus that goes through the avenue leaves you nearby, while the entry points to this beach are two behind the Plaza Las Glorias through the streets Clemente Orozco and Pablo Picasso, and a third public one is located in the canal next to La Madalena restaurant.

Thanks to the hotel complexes, the activity par excellence is beach volleyball, but everyone is free to do any activities they like.

Los Muertos Beach

When it comes to Puerto Vallarta beaches, this may be one of the most well-known.

Many stories surround why such a controversial name was chosen, but without a doubt, this is a place where you can relax from the busy city center without even leaving it.

The Los Muertos beach territory extends from the Almar Resort hotel to the Molino de Agua condominiums, where the Cuale River flows into the sea, and features a very ambiguous environment, as here are gathered from local families and tourists to LGBT people.   Aside from natural attractions, this beach offers an infinite number of things to see, do, and visit thanks to the abundance of restaurants and bars surrounding it. Parachuting, the "banana," and jet skis are popular activities here. As if that weren't enough, there's also the photogenic pier with the same name as the beach, where you can take a water taxi to destinations like Las Animas or La Boca de Tomatlan, enjoy a panoramic view of the bay, watch the local fishermen, or gaze at the stunning Vallarta sunsets.

Marina Vallarta Beach

Accessing the beaches in the Marina de Vallarta area is easy if you are staying in some of the resorts.
However, there is a passageway on the Paseo de la Marina Avenue.

The beach in this area is usually not the best because sometimes the water rises so much that there is no sand space, but you can also walk to the beaches of neighboring hotels in search of a better spot that suits your needs. Perfect for long walks along the shore, or take a quick dip, this beach offers fun for the whole family.

Mismaloya Beach

Mismaloya was, at a time, an inaccessible paradisiacal destination that served as the main stage of the film "The Night of the Iguana", directed by John Huston.

However, leaving aside old memories, now this beach boasts its own charm; the union of the mountain, the jungle, the river and the emerald waters of the Pacific Ocean along with the warmth of the locals of this town make this beach a unique place.

Mismaloya, among many things, has a small palapa area to enjoy good seafood, as well as hiking in the surroundings of this small cove. Scuba diving, sailing and water skiing are some other activities you will find here.

Palmares Beach

When you are driving on Road 200 southward, you will find several beaches worth of a visit. One of them is located on the 6.5 km mark. Carr. a Barra de Navidad, km. 6.5

Palmares Beach has the distinction of being the first beach in Puerto Vallarta to carry the Blue Flag certification, which guarantees its cleanliness.

Among the advantages Palmares Beach features are its ramp for easy access to wheelchairs, bathrooms, showers, parking space, and a small restaurant. But the most important one is its crystallin waters, where you can swim and snorkel along its almost half mile of soft and white sand.

Playa de Oro

This family beach is located in the North Hotel Zone. On the south side it meets the Hilton Hotel, while on the north borders the Crown Paradise hotel. Zona Hotelera Norte

It is divided by a metal mesh from the naval zone of Puerto Vallarta.

It offers a wonderful view of the southern area of ​​Marina Vallarta and of the canal giving access to the large cruise ships. Its fine golden sand is perfect for a stroll along the shore, as the blue water to take a dip. Rocky clusters flank it on both sides. which form a small protective cove.

As it is surrounded by so many hotels, there are several services available.

Playa Del Holi

This beach (pronounced "ho-lee") goes from the Villa del Palmar hotel to the mouth of the Pitillal River, right next to the shopping center La Isla Shopping Village. Zona Hotelera Norte

This is one of the most popular beaches among tourists and locals to visit, although the waters of this beach are almost always not suitable to bathe in for different reasons.

However, this beach manages to be one of the most attractive for people to do a lot of activities every day of the week. It is common to see people doing sports, families and even large groups of friends. Some common activities are sunbathing, fishing, horseback riding, parachutes, athletics, and coexistence in general. According to the opinion of most of the young local people, this is the perfect spot to watch this colorful natural spectacle.

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