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5 reasons and places to practice yoga in Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

October 22, 2021

We all have heard that yoga is a great exercise. We know it has many benefits. And sure enough, yoga in Vallarta is even better!

Here are five of the benefits:

  1. You will look brighter

The happy yogi does exist!  Practice of asanas is related to decreases in the levels of brain chemicals responsible for depression.

  1. Your aches will disappear

Especially those nagging lower-back pains. Yoga enthusiasts require over 50% less pain medication than those non-yogis.  Posture improvement is one of the reasons, stronger muscles another one.


  1. You will sleep better and longer

Yoga before bed time improves time and quality of sleep for those with insomnia problems. If you don’t have problems catching the zzz’s, yoga can still give you a sounder sleep.

  1. Your sex life will peak

By reducing anxiety, increasing body awareness, and speeding the release of hormones that rev arousal, yoga will boost your libido and ability to achieve orgasm.  Even trying may be worth it!

  1. And so will your self-confidence

Yoga gets you to tune in to your inner self and to how your body feels and what it can do, rather than how it looks, a more fleeing sense of one.


And now, here are the 5 top places to practice yoga in Vallarta, according to users of tripadvisor.com:

1. davannayoga

2. Yoga Vallarta

3. Kupuri Yoga

4. Healthy Beat

5. Marcelo Mico Pilates





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