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Emotional tourism, beyond just traveling

By Tribune Travel

October 08, 2021

Tourism is a social phenomenon that has been present in the world since ancient times. Over time, it has taken on increasing importance and has been adapting in each region of where it is present. Thus, we come to talk about one of its best facets, that of emotional tourism.


emotional tourism


You may have not heard the term. However, it is enough to emphasize its name to understand the facet of tourism it takes on. Basically, it involves feelings and emotions in travel. But sometimes, in order to achieve something so wonderful, yuo have to create new alternatives for the public. That is, by finding a way for the destinations to be lived in a unique way.


Staying away from the masses looks to achieving a marked differentiation with the rest of the conventional trips. In the end, all this will mean that this “travel experience” will create a satisfactory and lasting memory. In turn, this memory will awaken the desire to live that kind of experiences again in the short term.


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The emotional tourism seeks to satisfy a specific demand, where the traveler is no longer content with the classic tours and popular activities. So, EMOTIONS must be added to the trip. It is true that these travelers tend to prefer places not so crowded or to some extent unknown. But it is not about “inventing the black thread.” People can also enjoy an experience full of emotions in a well-known destination. The secret is to approach it in a unique and different way. What are the ways to do so? For one, trying the traditional recipes of the most representative local dishes. Another one: exploring spots away from the great movements of people.


Definitely, emotional tourism has become a challenge for providers of tourism services. They face the complexity of finding the authentic part of each trip. And the obligation to be renewing themselves day after day is also present. However, one thing must be clear: “in order to create an emotion, you must know the interests of the traveler well.” The best way to achieve the loyalty of travelers in emotional tourism is through reaching their entire satisfaction.






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