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Hiking in Misurina Lake

By César Medina

September 08, 2023

At Misurina Lake , my wife and I have experienced such an incredible place that I can’t help telling you about it.  It is not in Puerto Vallarta, but it is a place full of hiking and rock climbing routes.


We took this trip to Italy, but we are back now. We hired a guided tour to some towns in the famous Italian mountains known as The Dolomites.  This tour departed from Venice and the trip proved to be both entertaining and thought-provoking.


After a couple of hours in a comfortable van, heading north, we began to appreciate part of these majestic mountains.  While the driver explained local stories and tragedies to us, we gained altitude and the landscape improved for any hiking lover.


Our first objective, Cortina D’Ampezzo, came after almost three hours. It is a tourist town for skiers in winter and for mountain climbers of all kinds in summer.  There we stopped to sightsee, shop and stretch our legs.  After an hour, we continued our journey.


During the trip, we decided how many of us (there were nine people in total) would reserve a table at a restaurant for lunch and how many would stroll along the shops on the road to look for something more informal.


We stopped on the shore of Lake Misurina, amid the high Dolomite mountains, in an area that has a German population as the driver explained to us.  My wife and I decided not to travel to the restaurant and were left with others on the side of the road, between the lake and the tourist spots.

Woman on a rock by Misurina Lake

After a quick snack, we considered whether or not to walk the trail around the lake. Supposedly, it could be done in 40 minutes at a relaxed pace.  We went for it.


The path does not stray at all from the shore of the lake, which has a rather irregular shape and can be seen almost completely from the road.


It was a relaxed and very pleasant walk, with time for some photos, touching the water of the lake, talking and imagining about returning and hiking more seriously sometime in our life.


It took us 45 minutes to go all the way around and have a blast on a simple zip line with a floor-level seat, and climb on a children’s net to hang myself and impress my wife.  Of course!

Woman standing on a bench at Lake Misurina

When all the travelers returned to the meeting point, we set off again until we reached the Santa Caterina dam.  Its curtain is located right in front of a namesake small church that has been an important spot for pilgrims since ancient times.


After stretching our legs again, drinking water and listening to the driver’s stories, we headed straight back to Venice.


The trail on the lake was not even a medium effort, but It left an imprint on us, as well as a strong desire to return and explore something far more intense.





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