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Hospiten begins lectures to My Health members in 2023

By Rodrigo López Becerril

January 31, 2023

Hospiten Puerto Vallarta began its series of lectures in 2023 with the subject of palliative care of illnesses as part of the My Health program, dedicated to the care of older adults from the foreign community in the bay.

Dr. Lorena Barrera López, an anesthesiologist at Hospiten who specializes in palliative care, gave a talk in front of a group of program participants about the history and characteristics of this activity.

This conference intends to let attendees know how they can benefit from these services; our program offers personalized assistance to members of the foreign community.

This first talk brought together a group of foreign residents who are part of the My Health program and are supported in their treatments by Hospiten through professional advice and human warmth.

According to Dr. Barrera, palliative medicine begins when a patient is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Palliative care deals with terminal situations like cancer or other diseases requiring lifelong treatment like diabetes or hypertension.

He went on to say that this care involves accompanying the patient and their relatives until the patient’s death and that it even includes mourning in order to wrap up the cycle with those who survive them.

Palliative care is holistic care; at Hospiten we go at the patient’s own pace with the intention of giving them the best quality of life and alleviating their suffering in all its aspects.

It should be noted that My Health is the Hospiten loyalty program that provides exclusive care from the best specialists.

Membership includes 24-hour access to the Hospiten team of doctors. When necessary, the service includes telephone assistance, as well as home medical visits or the dispatch of ambulances, depending on the circumstances.

To learn more about My Health program, visit Hospiten at Francisco Medina Ascencio 3970, Colonia Villa de Las Flores, call 322 226 2080, or visit www.hospiten.com.

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