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Hospiten tells us about human papillomavirus

By Tribune Travel

March 17, 2023

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexual infection that exists. The main route of transmission is sexual and is transmitted through skin or mucosal contact. Any sexually active person who comes into contact (even without penetration) with an HPV-positive individual can contract the virus.

In fact, due to sexual precocity and an increase in sexual partners, this infection has become the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world.

This virus is directly responsible for cancers of the cervix in its majority, but also of the vulva, vagina, penis and anus. In addition, it causes genital warts and is also related to neoplastic lesions of the oropharynx, oral cavity and larynx.

Vaccination as a way of prevention

Many of the cancers caused by HPV infection in males and females could be prevented with the HPV vaccine.  The vaccine has been available for 12-year-old girls since 2006.

However, doctors and other health experts recommend vaccinating boys as well because of the risk of neoplasia and because they are the main transmitter of the virus to women, thus reducing the risk of infection and its complications more drastically.

The specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Hospiten, Lucyla Baêta, also reminds us that the vaccine is recommended up to 45 years of age for all those women who have not been vaccinated during pre-adolescence, since the HPV vaccine is safe, effective and the best protection.

Since 2006, around 300 million doses of the vaccine have been administered around the world, offering great safety, as shown by the latest WHO report which endorses its efficacy in both sexes.

In this regard, Hospiten recommends that parents talk to their children’s doctors about the HPV vaccine for better and safer protection.

The importance of condom

We have undergone a change in the way we experience sexuality recently, which has resulted in an earlier age at which sexual relations begin as well as a gradual rise in the number of STDs.

For instance, 75% of men always use male condoms, but only 40% do so once sexual activity has started. Teenagers use condoms almost exclusively out of fear of getting pregnant, and they have very little concern for infections.

In order to promote appropriate health promotion habits and the required preventive care, it is crucial that our young people have access to accurate information and that health professionals advise, educate, and train them.

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