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Hospiten tells us about pelvic floor health

By Tribune Travel

April 04, 2023

Age, pregnancy or childbirth are some of the causes of pelvic floor weakness, a set of muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and nerves that act as a structure to support the pelvic organs, uterus, vagina, bladder, urethra and rectum.

Keeping it strong is important to prevent urinary leakage, genital prolapse and even discomfort during sexual intercourse, so Ana Valverde, Hospiten‘s physiotherapy supervisor, recommends regular practice of two types of exercises that are essential to keep it in optimal condition: Kegel exercises and those that strengthen the core.

The specialist also reminds us that Hospiten has specific units for their treatment, responding to the associated pathologies and improving the quality of life of the patients who suffer from them.


Kegel exercises

In a comfortable position, sitting and relaxed, try to contract the pelvic floor and pull it upwards, hold for ten seconds and then relax completely. Ideally, this exercise should be performed in sets of ten repetitions at least three times a day.

Woman doing pelvic exercises

Core Exercises

To strengthen the core or lower transverse abdominis muscles, lie on your back in a relaxed position. Inhale and exhale, drawing your belly button in and bringing one knee toward you. Breathe in and bring your leg back to the floor.

In the same posture, lift your legs and remain in the “table top” position with hips, knees and ankles bent 90 degrees.

Next, inhale and as you exhale, squeeze your navel and straighten one knee. Exhale and bend again, alternating both legs.

Still lying on your back, extend your knee and perform ankle, toe and heel flexion. Do five repetitions and then do five more, but this time making circles with your ankles and keeping your legs in the air.

Finally, starting with one leg straight, as you release the air, lift the leg strongly, take a breath and lower it. Alternate each leg.


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