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Let’s talk about wine

By Rosa Maria Suarez

August 24, 2021

Let’s talk about wine. I do not have any academic title in the wine field, but I enjoy having a glass of wine. Be it with friends, family or with my soulmate, even alone sometimes. Trying new labels from different parts of the world and learning about the stories that each bottle has to tell is part of the experience.


This is about enjoying a glass of wine without fear. Having a casual approach is the best way to learn what you like or dislike.  I am still learning every day form the wine professionals whom I respect and admire. They are the ones involved in the production, evolution, and academic wisdom that accompanies this wonderful world. So, here we will be talking about wines as a wine enthusiast.


Of course, if you ask me, talking about wine is absolutely related to food. Food will be an important part of this too.


As far as I can remember, a lot of important events in my family occurred around a table: birthdays, anniversaries, love declarations, and lots of stories. Maybe this is why I like to know about wine history so much.




History in a bottle


Yes! Each bottle has its own story to tell, and it is up to speak more about itself with each glass. Just like a new friend, and as time goes by, the conversation gets more interesting.


As I open a bottle, I cannot take for granted how many things happened for me to hold that glass of wine in my hand.


Still being a grape at the vineyard, it has faced days of cold, heat, more or less water availability, wind. It has been in danger of having some plague. Then it was pressed or went through the process that made it evolve to what it is right now. The cork comes out, and then it returns back to the outside world from the bottle into a glass, receiving oxygen, thus obtaining more maturity.


Conversing with a glass of wine


Being face to face with the glass of wine, there is where the conversation begins. First by showing its color, giving us hints of its age, and all the aromas sometimes revealed as soon as the cork is out. Some wines speak immediately. Others are shier, or just need time to express themselves. Some are young and bold, others are mature and serious or interesting. Each one has its own personality, its own story to tell.




Each time I open a bottle of wine is a very pleasant time. No matter if it is at my home after a busy day, or with friends, family or with the love of my life. It also reminds me of these words “being present at this moment”, as wrapping all your senses. Watching the color, smelling the aromas, tasting the flavor, feeling the story evolving in your glass is also a good exercise of being present at this moment.


So, I hope you all are present at this moment, with yourself or with the ones you love. I hope you are enjoying life, together with a nice bottle of wine, listening to its story and evolution as time passes.


See you next time and let’s talk about wine!





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