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Medical care for the tourist in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

January 18, 2023

Travel Medical Assistance, also known as Tourist Medicine, is a branch of medicine committed to the prevention of diseases and risk situations that tourists may encounter regardless of their destination. It also focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases developed while traveling.

Tourism medicine is a distinct medical field that has close ties to Prehospital Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and, within these, particularly Tropical Medicine.

The travel medicine doctor’s job is to provide the tourist with the information they need to prevent health problems, as well as to identify and treat any illnesses they may contract while traveling or later on.

Tourist medical assistance must be coherent, coordinated, serious, and of high quality, with a fast and efficient pre-hospital medical service and a quality and transparent hospital service that ensures the best care for the patient and his family. This type of medicine is intricate because it demands complete knowledge of all parties involved.

Tourist medicine is the one designed to meet the health, illness, and accident needs of tourists and foreign residents in a given location.

And, while tourist medicine’s criteria have a well-known reputation, quality prehospital medicine is now available in this field as it has evolved toward greater professionalization.

Furthermore, in recent years, this type of medicine has been extended to long- and medium-stay residential tourism offering high-level care, medical check-up programs, and alternative treatments, or those who are on waiting lists in their home countries.

According to Hospital Joya’s Dr. Israel Velazquez, the goal is to provide tourists peace of mind regarding medical care by offering a reliable and flexible service with the expertise and backing of top-notch hospitals like those we already have in Puerto Vallarta, intending to ensure safety while they are on vacation.





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