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Mexican Food in September: An Independence Tradition

By Tribune Travel

September 07, 2023

Mexican food, known for its exquisiteness, has captured the attention of many cultures and brought with it the essence of its distinctive flavors. In reality, restaurants serving genuine Mexican food can be found all over the world.

As September approaches, a month of remembrance and unification, ingrained traditions emerge in full force. Mexico joins together to commemorate its Independence Day on September 16. Mexican food is part of what makes it distinctive.

The famous “garnachitas mexicanas” such tamales, tostadas de pata, birria, chalupas, and chilaquiles are among the many diverse and delectable gastronomic options. The decision is unique during this season and depends on personal preferences.


Here are the five most emblematic dishes to inspire September celebrations:



A plate of pozole

This festive recipe is a go-to for the season. Pozole is a meal with many variations, including the white pozole from Guerrero and the red pozole from Jalisco, both of which feature the addition of powdered dried chiles. A comprehensive and delectable dish is created from ingredients like corn kernels, pig or chicken, lettuce, oregano, onion, and radish.


Chiles en Nogada

A chile en nogada on a talavera plate

This meal, which hails from Puebla, is a national treasure with a lengthy history. According to legend, the Santa Monica convent’s Augustinian nuns developed this meal to commemorate independence by combining the Trigarante Army’s colors. A distinctive and delectable combination is produced when poblano chiles are filled with beef and pork stew, blended with fruits, and topped with walnut cream and pomegranate seeds.


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Mole with chicken and rice

With its numerous forms, mole, an emblem of Mexican cuisine, captures the spirit and origins of the nation. One of the most popular types of mole is mole poblano, although other varieties include mole blanco, mole almendrado, mole oaxaqueo, and mole huaxmole. Using corn dough as the base, a rich sauce made of chocolate, chiles, spices, and other ingredients can be served with either beef or chicken.



Three sopes on a clay dish

Sopes, which have pre-Hispanic origins, are now a common delicacy in Mexico. They were used by ancient Toltec warriors to bring meat from deer. They now come with beans, cream, shredded cheese, onion, salsa, and other toppings, which serve as a base for various stews and flavors.



Mexican tamales

Deeply rooted in pre-Hispanic culture, tamales were served during feasts and as gifts. They have changed over time, integrating components from Europe like lard and pork. This traditional treat has a mixture of corn, chile, and other natural ingredients.

The best time to indulge in these customary dishes and commemorate the best of Mexico is in September.


With reporting by Adolfo Torres for Tribuna de la Bahía.





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