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Welcome to “Paradise Living: Puerto Vallarta Unveiled” – The Ultimate TV Show for Dreamers and Adventurers!

By Tribune Travel

February 13, 2024

Hey there, Lifestyle Enthusiasts and Dream Chasers! Get ready to embark on a captivating journey to one of the most enchanting destinations on Earth with the all-new TV show, “Paradise Living: Puerto Vallarta Unveiled”. Hosted by the ever-charismatic Barbara LaPointe, this show isn’t just a series; it’s a ticket to your dream life!

Introducing Your New Friday Night Obsession

Every Friday night, “Paradise Living” will whisk you away to the stunning vistas and vibrant streets of Puerto Vallarta. Imagine lounging on your couch yet feeling the warm ocean breeze and the pulsating energy of this Mexican jewel. This show combines the magnetic appeal of HGTV-style home tours with an irresistible mix of culinary and travel adventures. It’s not just television; it’s a lifestyle revelation!

Dive into Luxury with Your Host, Barbara La Pointe

Join Barbara as she leads us through not one, but two mesmerizing property tours each episode. From luxurious oceanfront villas to cosy, chic downtown condos, “Paradise Living” is your window to the finest real estate in Puerto Vallarta. Ever dreamed of waking up to a beachfront view or a serene mountainside morning? Well, consider this show your real estate genie!

A Culinary Journey Like No Other

But that’s not all! “Paradise Living” takes you on a delectable journey through the local culinary scene. Explore the hidden culinary gems and celebrated hotspots of Puerto Vallarta, indulging in flavours that only this paradise can offer. It’s a sensory overload where each bite is a story, and every flavour is a memory waiting to be made.

The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Dream

Thinking of leaping to a life abroad? “Paradise Living” is more than just tours and tastes. Barbara sits down with industry experts to unravel the mysteries of relocating to this slice of heaven. From savvy real estate agents to financial wizards, this show is your golden ticket to turning your dream of an idyllic life in Puerto Vallarta into reality.

Expert Insights, Financial Tips, and Cultural Pearls

Uncover the intricacies of the Puerto Vallarta property market, get a handle on local financial quirks, and immerse yourself in the cultural nuances of your future home. The show even dives into the exciting world of cryptocurrency and its role in international living. It’s not just about finding a new home; it’s about discovering a new way of life.

The Spotlight on Your Brand

And here’s a golden opportunity for businesses! Imagine your brand shining in the spotlight of this exciting new show. As a sponsor, you’ll connect with an audience that’s passionate, engaged, and ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. It’s more than advertising; it’s about becoming a part of their dream.

Tune In and Transform Your Life

Mark your calendars! “Paradise Living: Puerto Vallarta Unveiled” airs every Friday night on Del Mar TV and CPS News channels. Get ready to be transported to a world of luxury, flavour, and adventure. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, planning your next move, or just love a good dose of captivating television, this show is your new must-watch!

Embark on the Adventure with “Paradise Living”

So, are you ready to turn your daydreams into daylight? To explore the charm and allure of Puerto Vallarta from your living room? Join us on this incredible journey and be a part of “Paradise Living: Puerto Vallarta Unveiled.” It’s more than a show; it’s the first step to your new life in paradise. Don’t just watch the dream—live it!

To learn more about becoming a Partner today:

Contact Barbara Host/Co-Producer at 52-2-101-8268

Contact Shane/Co -Producer 52-322-235-8489

Contact Jessy/Co-Producer 52-322-226-870






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