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The Power of Collaboration Over Competition: Building Stronger Networks

By Erin Neff

October 19, 2023

In a world where competition often takes center stage, women have discovered that there’s an equally, if not more powerful, tool to elevate themselves and others: collaboration. This concept becomes particularly pertinent in the context of our in-person and online group “Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta.” The adage “United we stand, divided we fall” holds, and women are proving that supporting and collaborating can lead to a brighter and more equitable future for all.

What exactly does this mean in a practical sense? Getting a group of intelligent businesswomen together can bring on a lot of competition or just an unease around who is here to support, solely for personal gains, and who truly wants to collaborate and cheer on the lady sitting across the table from her.


The Power of Collaboration


Breaking Down Barriers to Competition

At each event, we put a focus on collaboration. Collaboration fosters professional growth and empowers us to work toward a common goal. When we collaborate, we can learn from each other’s experiences, share strategies for overcoming obstacles, and collectively challenge societal norms and biases. This unity is a potent tool for creating stronger communities and bringing women together to support one another.


Fostering a Culture of Support

Our networking group is a thriving ecosystem of mutual support. It provides safe spaces for women to unite, share their experiences, and create opportunities. In these spaces, the emphasis is on building one another up rather than tearing each other down. When collaboration becomes the norm, competition takes a back seat, allowing women to thrive collectively.


Expanding Opportunities

In a competitive environment, it’s often a zero-sum game, where one person’s gain is another’s loss. In contrast, collaboration creates a win-win scenario. Women can combine their strengths, skills, and resources to unlock new opportunities when they come together. Whether it’s launching a new project, advancing in their careers, or even starting a business, the power of collaboration opens doors that might have otherwise remained shut.


The Power of Collaboration


The Ripple Effect

The benefits of collaboration within our networking group extends far beyond the immediate participants. By fostering a culture of cooperation, these groups set an example for others and inspire positive change in society. They demonstrate that women can be allies rather than adversaries, and by working together, they can create a better, more inclusive world for everyone.


Building Resilient Networks

A network built on collaboration is a network that can weather storms. When individuals work together, they create a support system that helps them navigate challenges and setbacks. These relationships are based on trust, shared goals, and a commitment to helping each other succeed.


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Redefining Success

The traditional view of success often revolves around being the “best” or outshining others. In a collaborative environment, success is redefined. It becomes less about personal achievement and more about collective progress. This shift in mindset empowers women to focus on their goals while recognizing that their achievements are inextricably linked with the success of their peers.


Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Collaboration thrives in diverse environments, and women’s networking groups celebrate their communities’ rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity is a source of strength, as it brings unique solutions and encourages open-mindedness.



In conclusion, the power of collaboration over competition is not just a mantra for Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta; it’s a way of life. In this space, women are discovering that by lifting each other, they can achieve more collectively than they ever could alone.

This collaborative spirit not only paves the way for individual success but also for broader societal change. Together, women are proving that when they collaborate, they are unstoppable and forging a path toward a more inclusive and equitable world. So, let’s embrace the power of collaboration, and in doing so, we empower ourselves and inspire others to do the same.


Come out and network with us and meet other outstanding local women entrepreneurs.

Engagement in our Facebook and in-person networking groups can substantially boost your networking efforts. Our group offers a platform to meet, learn from, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Save the date for our next Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta event.

  • Frequency: Last Thursday of Each Month
  • Date/Location: October 26th, 2023 – The Seahorse Cucina Bar & Lounge Puerto Vallarta. Calle Zaragoza #160 B, cuarto piso, Centro de Vallarta. 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Language: English-speaking event, open to all women-owned businesses in the local community
  • Admission: Free

For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/womensnetworkingpuertovallarta

About the author: Meet Erin Neff, Founder of Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta and Life Transformation Coach. A transplant from Austin, Texas, Erin is passionate about creating space for women to collaborate and grow together to make a positive impact within us and our community. Her Life Coaching business started by helping salespeople make small changes that added up to big commissions. It has transformed into helping people make their dream life a reality through changing habits, healing trauma and having a vision that excites them to get out of bed.  instagram.com/erinn_lifecoach/





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