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Learn about Protected Areas in Mexico

By Tribune Travel

February 22, 2023

Some reefs, forests, wetlands, rivers, islands and seas have received the title of “Natural Protected Areas in Mexico.” They are a reflection of the essence of our country. Also, they are an expression of the way we care about preserving the natural resources that make us be privileged.

There are spaces where the environment is truly beautiful and authentic. Thus, it creates an inner peace and full contact with our own nature. Visiting these spots is becoming more and more a trend in people’s way of traveling. This trend is opening the door to the growth of “ecotourism.”

Ecotourism is the way we live tourism in a complementary and balanced way within the ecological reserves of a site. At the same time, it supports the well-being of local population by bringing about a financial spread.

Ecotourism has had a boom in the last few years. However, as of today there are no clear bylaws defining if the activities damage the environment or not. We tend to call “eco-touristic” all the activities involving some kind of contact with nature. Unfortunately, many of these activities bring as a result a severe affectation to ecosystems.

Protected areas in Mexico, El Salado Estuary
El Salado Estuary in Puerto Vallarta

The National Commission for Natural Protected Areas in Mexico currently manages 176 natural areas of federal character. They comprise nine regions of the country. The state of Jalisco features four municipal protected areas, and other four state areas. One of the latter is in Puerto Vallarta, the El Salado Estuary, which fall under the category of Ecological Preservation Zone by a decree issued on July 27, 2000. Remember that if you want to visit it, they offer guided tours for you to tour it safely for you and the environment.





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