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Networking Know-How

The Art of Building Strategic Relationships For Local Entrepreneurs

By Laura McGregor

August 03, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business world, the strength of an entrepreneur’s network often measures the height of their success. Understanding this, many entrepreneurs are seeking new ways to enhance their networking abilities and forge strategic relationships. This is where networking know-how comes into play.

Strategic relationships are invaluable to any business professional. They provide new perspectives, open doors to opportunities, and foster a sense of community. Puerto Vallarta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is a shining example of this principle in action.

Firstly, let’s debunk a common misconception – networking is not about handing out business cards at events and waiting for the magic to happen. True networking is a long-term strategy requiring intention, effort, and, most importantly, a genuine interest in creating mutual value.

Women sitting in a networking event

Start with a purpose

Why are you networking? Is it to find a mentor or potential clients or learn from other experiences? Having clarity on what you want to achieve will guide your efforts in the right direction. Local entrepreneurs often have distinct yet interrelated needs. Identifying these needs will make your networking more effective and purposeful.


Authenticity is key

Nobody enjoys interacting with a person who’s constantly selling or self-promoting. The key to successful networking lies in being genuine and showing interest in others. Remember, your goal is to build relationships, not just contacts. Encourage conversations, show empathy, and listen actively. These are the cornerstones of creating authentic connections.


Offer value

Networking is a two-way street. You should be ready to provide value before expecting it from others. The Puerto Vallarta entrepreneur community is thriving because of this give-and-take dynamic. Whether sharing knowledge, offering a helpful contact, making a referral or providing business advice, ensure your interactions are mutually beneficial.


Leverage technology

In the digital age, networking is open to more than physical events or meetups. Social media platforms, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and even virtual events offer abundant opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and influencers in your industry. Remember to keep the interaction professional yet personal to make a lasting impression.

Women sitting in a networking event

Follow up

Meeting someone once is just the beginning. Following up post an interaction is crucial to solidify the relationship. A simple email or message appreciating the conversation can set the stage for future interactions.


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Cultivate relationships

Networking doesn’t stop at making connections; it’s about maintaining and growing them. Regular check-ins, sharing relevant information, and helping when needed are all part of nurturing these relationships. It’s a long game, but the benefits are long-lasting too.


Develop your personal brand

Your personal brand reflects your values, abilities, and actions. A strong personal brand attracts people with similar values, making networking more organic and effortless. Remember, people connect with people, not just businesses.


Beyond the room: the true essence of networking

If you are networking correctly, it’s hardly ever selling to ‘who’s in the room.’ It’s about connecting ‘through the room.’ Tapping into the wealth of experiences, ideas, connections, and opportunities beyond the individuals you directly interact with at a gathering.

It’s much more about second or third-degree connections, the friends of friends, and their networks, who could open up whole new avenues of referrals for you. Each person is a doorway to another network, another potential collaboration, another chance to learn and grow. Instead, enrich the room, shine your beautiful shine, be generous, share samples (if you have them) or give helpful insights and tips.

Do something that helps you be memorable to others and make sure people understand what problems you’re solving and who you’re solving them for.

Adding to this dynamic tapestry of networking, Puerto Vallarta’s ex-pat community brings a unique flavor to the mix. We hail from various corners of the world, bringing our experiences, ideas, and cultures. This diversity enriches our local entrepreneurial ecosystem, making it vibrant and inclusive.

Being away from our home countries, we all seek a sense of belonging and connection. This shared longing forms a strong bond between us and underscores the importance of building strategic relationships. Networking, for us, isn’t just about growing our businesses; it’s also about finding friendships, creating a robust community, and establishing our ‘home away from home.’ It is about finding kindred spirits who understand our journey, challenges, aspirations, and dreams.

As expat entrepreneurs, we know the value of mutual support. We realize that in a foreign land, our network can be our family, our sounding board, and our safety net. Therefore, networking takes on a deeper, more holistic meaning for us – it’s about professional growth, indeed, but it’s also about personal fulfillment, camaraderie, and forming our unique identity within this diverse and dynamic community.

In Puerto Vallarta, we aren’t just building businesses; we’re also building lives. And in this journey, our community becomes our strength, reflecting the beauty of diverse minds coming together, unified in their purpose and passion.

In conclusion, networking is an art; like any art, it requires practice and patience. It’s not about instant gratification but about planting seeds and nurturing relationships to help you and your network grow.

As an entrepreneur, your most incredible resource is the relationships you build along your journey. So, take into account the power of a well-knit network. After all, your net worth is indeed your network!

Women networking members


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Come out and network with us

Engagement in our Facebook and in-person networking groups can substantially boost your networking efforts. Our group offers a platform to meet, learn from, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Save the date for our next Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta event.

Frequency: Last Thursday of Each Month

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Language: English-speaking event, open to all women-owned businesses in the local community

Admission: Free

For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/womensnetworkingpuertovallarta


About the author: Meet Laura McGregor, a trailblazing busy entrepreneur from Vancouver Island, BC, who followed her adventurous spirit travelling for 17 years before landing in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Alongside co-founding Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta, she serves as CEO and Co-Founder of @CommissionCrowd—a global remote working platform for B2B commission-only sales professionals and partnering companies. Laura is also the driving force behind local businesses @SelfCareMobileMassageTherapy and @PawsitivelyPerfectDogCare. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist @NourishVictory, she remotely guides clients in reframing negative beliefs and fostering transformation.





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