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The Most Popular Drinks of Summer

By Paco Morás

July 28, 2022

We are now in the middle of summer. School vacations are on. Beaches are full. The sun is shining high. The rise in temperature makes our body require more hydration. However, water is not always the beverage we crave for this season. What are the most popular drinks of summer? Fortunately, there are several options we take advantage of to quench our thirst. They are also ideal to spend one of those leisure times that summer offers us.


Traditional beverage ideal for all the family. You can easily make it with still or sparkling water. Also, you can create combinations with cucumber, peppermint, or any other flavor. Your imagination is the limit! Of course, it must not miss lots of ice.



The mixture of several fruits can give us a colorful and flavorful result. Besides, if we add the fresh aromas of herbs this could be even better. For example, try watermelon with mint, apple with cinnamon, kiwi and raspberry, pineapple with ginger, among many others.

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Thanks to its flavor and aroma, beer is the favorite of many. Even more so if it is chilled. And, if drunk moderately, beer helps us reduce cardiovascular and neurodegenerative conditions.



After a delicious meal there is nothing better than a refreshing iced tea to revitalize yourself. Be it green tea, black tea with lemon, or an oolong with lemon and sugar.



You are a lover of this beverage, for sure. However, in hot seasons it turns complicated to enjoy its delicious favor. Easy solution: just change the temperature! Pour some milk in any of its varieties, add ice to your blender, and get a refreshing iced coffee.



Not for all the ages, sure. However, if you are old enough, they will work for you. The authentic Cuban mojito, tequila sunrise, traditional or flavored daiquiri, piña colada, and margarita are the popular drinks by those looking to get refreshed adding a bit of alcohol to their drinks.





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