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A Thoughtful Guide to Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

By Tribune Travel

February 07, 2024

Hearts, Flowers and Headaches

Valentine’s Day is next week on February 14th, bringing with it the pressure to find the ideal gift for your special someone. Selecting a Valentine’s gift can be both exhilarating and daunting. You will be more likely to succeed in finding a gift that is joyfully received if you give the process thoughtful consideration and a deep understanding of your partner’s preferences and personality. This guide will help you navigate the sea of options and make the perfect choice that reflects your love and appreciation for your significant other.

Understanding Your Partner

What is your partner’s “love language?” In his book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman describes five emotional languages that can be used to give and receive love. They are: words of affirmation, gifts of service, touch, quality time and physical gifts. If you demonstrate your love by buying an expensive bauble, but your loved one has a primary language of quality time, they won’t fully appreciate the gift. They would rather spend a day with you wandering in San Sebastian. The secret to choosing a meaningful Valentine’s gift is to understand your partner’s love language, and then their likes, dislikes, and interests.  Consider their hobbies, passions, and preferences in terms of fashion, technology, and lifestyle. A personalized gift that aligns with their love language and unique tastes will convey thoughtfulness and effort.

As a Sex and Relationship Coach, I have seen it happen many times. One partner doesn’t feel loved, while the other person declares their feelings are strong. They are speaking two different languages of love.

Listen and Observe

Pay attention to subtle hints dropped by your partner in casual conversations. They might mention a book they’ve been wanting to read, a hobby they’ve been eager to explore, or an item they’ve been eyeing. These small clues can guide you towards a gift that resonates with their desires and shows that you’ve been attentive to their needs and wishes.

Here are Some Suggested Gifts by Love Language

Quality Time

For this person, Valentine’s Day is about the experience you create together. Consider gifts that involve shared activities, such as a cooking class, a weekend getaway, or tickets to a concert or show you both would enjoy. These experiences can strengthen your bond and create lasting memories.

Words of Affirmation

When your loved one appreciates words of affirmation, a heartfelt letter or card will have the most value. Let them know what they mean to you. Make your comments about their traits and qualities, not just “You are really hot,” or even worse “You make me really hot.” (This last one is more about you than them!


For the person who feels loved by touch, a foot rub or brushing their hair will let them know you care. A kiss on the cheek each time you pass them during the day. And emotional touch can work too – how about leaving them a note saying, “Thinking of you and it makes me smile.”

Gifts of Service

Breakfast in bed, washing their car, cleaning the house, these are the gifts that will make a gift of service lover’s heart soar.


I put this one last because it’s the most frequently used and the least common. Women can frequently ask for physical gifts like jewelry because it’s the easiest one for a guy who is not sure how to gift. If you are going to use a gift to show your love, make it meaningful and sentimental. For example, a piece of jewelry with a special engraving, or a custom-made photo album. These thoughtful gestures demonstrate the depth of your feelings and the effort you’ve put into selecting a gift that goes beyond the material aspect.

Combined Languages

Some gifts can touch on more than one type of love receiver. Shopping together for lingerie combines gifts and quality time. A couple’s session with a Sex Coach learning Tantra Massage can combine touch and quality time and words of affirmation.

Budget Considerations

While it’s tempting to splurge on a Valentine’s gift, it’s essential to set a realistic budget based on your financial situation. Remember that the thought and effort put into the gift are more important than its price tag. There are plenty of thoughtful and affordable options that can make your partner feel cherished without breaking the bank.

Stay True to Their Style

Whether it’s a physical gift, a love letter, or an experience, choose something that aligns with your partner’s style. Avoid imposing your preferences on them; instead, select a gift that complements their taste. While you may love that sexy lingerie set, she might prefer a cozy sleepshirt.

In Conclusion

Choosing the “perfect” Valentine’s gift involves a combination of thoughtfulness, consideration, and a deep understanding of your partner’s love language. By listening, observing, and prioritizing sentiment over extravagance, you can select a gift that truly reflects your love and appreciation. Remember that the most meaningful gifts come from the heart, and the effort you put into choosing the perfect gift will undoubtedly be appreciated by your special someone.

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Rebekah Beneteau is a Sex and Relationship Coach and Energy Healer who has helped thousands of people have a better connection to their body, more confidence, and more fulfilling romantic lives.





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