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Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta: Fostering Connection, Collaboration, and Empowerment

By Laura McGregor

July 26, 2023

In our vibrant coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, a new wave of empowerment is sweeping through the women-owned entrepreneurial community. Meet “Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta,” an inspiring platform that unites women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to foster meaningful connections, encourage collaboration, and create a thriving community. This in-person monthly business networking group aims to become a beacon of support, guidance, and inspiration for women-owned businesses across the bay.

The first event is held this Thursday, July 27, 2023, at Hot Mamma’s Whiskey Kitchen PV in Versalles, owned by the fantastic serial entrepreneur Gina Hendrix.


Building Bridges Through Collaboration

At the heart of Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta lies a simple yet powerful belief: collaboration over competition. The visionary founders (who all originally hail from the USA or Canada) Erin Neff, Shay Seminerio, Natalie Jadeski & myself, Laura McGregor, understand the potential that emerges when women come together, setting aside rivalry to support one another. This mindset has created a fertile ground for shared experiences, knowledge, and resources that can fuel innovation, growth, and positive change within the local business community.

Erin Neff shares her inspiring vision for Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta, “Our goal is to create a platform where women entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, and build lasting relationships. By supporting one another, we can achieve remarkable feats, and the ripple effect extends beyond our ventures to uplift the entire community.”

A Thriving Tapestry of Diversity

Embracing diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta. While English serves as the primary language of communication, the event extends a warm welcome to women-owned businesses from all cultural backgrounds in Puerto Vallarta, including those within the LGBTQIA+ community who identify as women. This open and inviting approach ensures no barriers to authentic connections and meaningful collaborations.

Women entrepreneurs from various industries find a shared space at Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta, bridging the gaps between different sectors and experiences. In this tapestry of diversity, attendees not only expand their networks but also gain fresh perspectives and ideas that enrich their entrepreneurial journeys.


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Nurturing Support Beyond the Event

Beyond the spirited networking events, Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta maintains an active and engaging online community through its dedicated Facebook group. This digital space serves as an extension of the in-person gatherings, offering a platform for members to connect, share insights, seek advice, and celebrate each other’s achievements. The bonds formed during the events are nurtured further in this virtual realm, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

The Founders believe that the Facebook group provides a unique opportunity for continuous growth and support,

Our community thrives on the exchange of ideas and experiences. Through this online hub, women entrepreneurs can seek guidance, celebrate victories, and collaborate on exciting projects. Together, we rise and shine, empowering each other to achieve greatness.


Women holding hands at center

Join the Movement

Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta welcomes all women-owned businesses in the local community to be part of this empowering movement. Regardless of the industry or stage of their entrepreneurial journey, attendees are encouraged to come with open hearts and minds, ready to embrace the spirit of collaboration and connection.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur seeking new ventures or a budding business owner searching for guidance and inspiration, Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta has a place for you. Each month, the event occurs on the last Thursday, rotating across various women-led businesses in the city.

So, mark your calendars, and let the power of collaboration elevate your success! Join Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta to be part of a supportive network that celebrates women’s strength, resilience, and ingenuity in business. Together, we can create a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.

Stay tuned for engaging interviews, success stories, and practical tips shared by fellow women leaders in this weekly column.  Each week, we’ll bring valuable business insights, marketing tips, and expert advice to empower and uplift entrepreneurs.

We’re thrilled to embark on this empowering adventure together. Here’s to the success and prosperity of women entrepreneurs around the bay!

Event Details:

  • Name: Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta
  • Frequency: Last Thursday of Each Month
  • Date/Location: July 27th, 2023 5.30 – 7:30 PM Whiskey Kitchen
  • Language: English-speaking event, open to all women-owned businesses in the local community
  • Admission: Free

For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/womensnetworkingpuertovallarta


About the author: Meet Laura McGregor, a trailblazing busy entrepreneur from Vancouver Island, BC, who followed her adventurous spirit travelling for 17 years before landing in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Alongside co-founding Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta, she serves as CEO and Co-Founder of @CommissionCrowd—a global remote working platform for B2B commission-only sales professionals and partnering companies. Laura is also the driving force behind local businesses @SelfCareMobileMassageTherapy and @PawsitivelyPerfectDogCare. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist @NourishVictory, she remotely guides clients in reframing negative beliefs and fostering transformation. 





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