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Work-Life Balance: 9 Essential Tips for Women Running Businesses 

By Natalie Jadeski

August 16, 2023

Finding a healthy balance between work and life can seem indispensable. It’s no secret as we live in an interconnected world, it is up to us as individuals to set our boundaries and know our limits. We spend so much effort as entrepreneurs mentally trying to separate work from life. Striving to achieve this could be detrimental to your mental health and well-being. What if I told you that instead of putting this undue pressure on yourself to decipher the two, we should instead focus on living in alignment?

As we navigate this journey of life, we adjust to seasons. We are constantly making shifts and tweaks along the way as entrepreneurs. Sometimes work requires more attention, other times family/personal life does, which is ok! Regardless of what is happening, achieving a steadfast presence in either aspect is impossible. It is, however, so important to learn to navigate and honour our businesses and be mindful to carve out time for our personal lives.

Do not get me wrong; I am not an expert on work-life balance. However, I have outlined nine essential tips that have helped me remain aligned along the way, and I hope it can do the same for you!

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Set Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life

Seeking a balance between work and life is healthy and can significantly improve your professional success and your private life if you have realistic expectations. Taking a step away enables you to reduce stress, prevent burnout and enhance cognitive ability, to name a few.


Learn to Differentiate Between Important & Non-Important Tasks

Make lists! I can hear my Mum’s voice echoing in my head when I say this, and it’s true! Let go of the unrealistic expectation of excelling in all areas of your life. Do what you can when you can.


Schedule in Personal Time

Be mindful of what and where you put your energy. Prioritize your most meaningful connections and activities aligning with your values and passions. Protecting your leisure time from being overtaken by work or other obligations will make you less stressed and gain a fresh perspective.


Have a Routine – But Welcome Flexibility

Examine your current schedule. Is it working for you? Are there things you want to add to your routine? What can you remove that no longer benefits you? Be specific! You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the time you have to create an environment you can not only be proud of but thrive in.


A woman's hand holding a balance.

Make Time for Exercising & Eating Healthy

Self-care is an invaluable investment. Adopting a regular exercise routine and implementing good eating habits will make you healthier and give you a more positive outlook, fostering the strength you need to cultivate a life you love!


Understand the Importance of Time

Without a doubt, time is one of the most valuable benefits offered to us. It’s also one of your most costly assets when running a business. It’s no secret that how effective your time management is determines your productivity.


Limit Multitasking

Create a strategic planning process to identify your priorities in both work and your personal life. Ask yourself what are the most essential tasks to complete. Check them off one by one.


Don’t Aim for Perfection

It is about something other than staying motivated. It is about staying consistent. Imposing excessive standards and feeling unable to meet those standards can be destructive to your mental state.


Embrace the Local Rhythms of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful vacation spot and a thriving community with its own pace of life. For those privileged to work and live here, immersing in the local culture can be the perfect way to balance out our hectic days. Start your mornings with a tranquil stroll along the Malecón, observing fishermen at the break of dawn, or end your day with a sunset at Playa Los Muertos.

Try attending local events, workshops or even salsa nights, which offer a break from work while allowing you to engage with the community. Weekend trips to nearby towns like Sayulita or San Pancho can refresh your perspective. By intertwining local traditions and routines into our daily lives, we enhance our understanding of this beautiful region and find pockets of peace and rejuvenation that ensure a richer work-life balance.


Woman sitting in yoga position in front of the setting sun.

In conclusion, I believe in living with intention and purpose and navigating through the imbalance and delegating my energy to what is needed most. You cannot burn a candle at both ends, so I encourage you to proceed with grace and gratitude and enjoy the ride!


Come Out And Network With Us

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Meet Natalie Jadeski, one of the co-founders of Women’s Networking Puerto Vallarta, where she aims to foster a supportive, empowered community for entrepreneurial women to collaborate. She is also the founder of Natalie Marie Design Co., Hailing from Guelph, Ontario. Natalie’s passion for community engagement and her innate talent for interior design have led her to forge connections between local contractors and the expat community.

She is passionate about creating exceptional design solutions for both residential and commercial projects. From thoughtful layout planning to efficient project management, she transforms space into a true reflection of her client’s personality and lifestyle. You can learn more at nmdesignco.com





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