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3 seafood dishes you must try in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

April 26, 2023

From the moment you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you will realize it is very easy to find seafood restaurants. Puerto Vallarta’s traditional seafood delicacies can be found throughout the city, whether you are looking for a quick and casual spot or a fine dining experience for a special occasion.

At times, the variety of choices can be overwhelming, and you may ask yourself: Where can I get seafood in Puerto Vallarta? Which of these places is the best? What should I order? Don’t worry, here is a very complete guide to help you make the best decision so you can enjoy the best seafood in Puerto Vallarta.

Although you can easily get all kinds of fresh seafood in the city, you must try the traditional seafood of Puerto Vallarta, unique dishes that were born in this beautiful bay, some of which are impossible to get outside of it. Or dishes that, although not created in Puerto Vallarta, are prepared here better than anywhere else.


Puerto Vallarta Style Ceviche

A tostada ceviche, sample of Puerto Vallarta seafood

Although ceviche is a very popular dish not only in Mexico but in all of Latin America, Puerto Vallarta has its own style of ceviche, usually prepared with vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, onions, chilies, tomatoes and in some cases with a sweet touch by adding a little fruit such as mango, but what makes it unique to Puerto Vallarta is the fish, fresh and ground Mahi Mahi, which is one of the finest species of fish.

Ceviche is a very popular dish that can be found at virtually any seafood restaurant in the area, but Lamara Restaurant in the Bucerías neighborhood offers a wide variety of “unusual” ceviches such as Asian-style ceviche or apple ceviche. Other great ceviche places in Puerto Vallarta include Mariscos 8 Tostadas and El Barracuda, both of which have several locations in the area.



Shrimp aguachile

Like ceviche, aguachile is one of the most popular dishes throughout Mexico and Latin America, especially in cities with beaches. Although each restaurant has its own way of preparing it, aguachile is usually made with raw shrimp, cilantro, onion, and lots of lime, and served very… very spicy, but if you have a delicate stomach, most places will be careful with the spiciness and leave it to your liking.

Another similarity between aguachile and ceviche is the kinds of eateries that are known for serving the best food in the region, such as Lamara Restaurant, which is known for serving creative ceviches and aguachiles. La Palapa in Playa de los Muertos, Mariscos El Güero, or La Ola in Nuevo Vallarta, a fantastic surf club and restaurant situated in the north of the bay, are additional locations that serve delectable aguachiles.


Zarandeado Fish

Zarandeado fish on the grill

Zarandeado is a typical fish preparation from the coast of Nayarit, it consists of a whole fish slowly marinated with different spices and then cooked over firewood. It is a very attractive dish for all the senses, seeing the whole reddish fish roasted on the table, smelling the strong spices and tasting the smoked skin is a complete experience. Zarandeado fish is the star dish at Tino’s Restaurant, but many locals recommend trying it at one of the stands on Boca de Tomates beach.





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