Puerto Vallarta
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3 spots off the beaten path near Vallarta

By Paco Morás

January 27, 2022

Wandering around Puerto Vallarta's marketplaces and plazas as vendors offer sizzling tacos and handicrafts is a really cultural experience infused with the city's vitality. However, some of the finest sites to visit in Puerto Vallarta are off the usual route, and you'll be able to explore a whole different side of the city without masses of other tourists. You'll get an even fuller sense of the local culture by visiting several villages around Puerto Vallarta, so the next time you need to get away from the city, take a trip to one of these great destinations off the beaten path near Vallarta.  

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens, a natural refuge with beautiful gardens and jungle paths, is one of the greatest spots around Puerto Vallarta for nature enthusiasts who seek holidays without crowds. Begin your visit to the garden by strolling across the grounds and exploring the various areas. Then, follow the paths to visit the vanilla and coffee plantations. To cool off, go into the tranquil river for a refreshing dip in paradise. The botanical gardens are full of wonders when it comes to what to see in Puerto Vallarta. Then, in the Hacienda de Oro restaurant, treat yourself to a sumptuous Mexican meal. San Sebastian off the beaten path near Vallarta

San Sebastian del Oeste

The historic mining village of San Sebastian del Oeste is one of the top spots to visit near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While the mines are no longer in operation, the city's attractiveness and unique experiences continue to pull visitors away from the beach and into the highlands to visit one of the smaller communities surrounding Puerto Vallarta. San Sebastian del Oeste is one of the pueblos mágicos, or magical towns, near Puerto Vallarta, with artisan stores, local distilleries, great restaurants, ATV excursions up to overlooks, and picturesque cobblestone alleyways. While you can drive yourself there, guided excursions with transportation to the city make it a bit simpler to see the mining town. San Pancho off the beaten path near Vallarta

San Pancho

With its stunning beachfront and laid-back atmosphere, San Pancho, a small surfing community, is another of the greatest locations to visit near Puerto Vallarta Mexico. San Pancho is just next door to Sayulita, one of the top surfing spots in Puerto Vallarta, but as Sayulita has grown in popularity, San Pancho has become the go-to location for people looking for a holiday away from the crowds. You'll pass local galleries and boutique clothing stores on your way to the beach, where you can buy handcrafted leather products or locally screenprinted t-shirts. You'll find one of the greatest sites around Puerto Vallarta to surf at the beach, where you can hire a board or take a surfing lesson, but you can also just splash in the waves or lounge out on the sand. After a swim, refuel with some fresh fish tacos and a refreshing drink while burying your toes in the sand. Related: Quaint and beautiful Bucerias Each of these sites to visit near Puerto Vallarta Mexico offers something different, such as botanical gardens, surfing lessons, or local markets. As you explore these attractions, you'll discover more of things to see in Puerto Vallarta than you would if you stayed in the downtown area, so don't be afraid to travel somewhere new the next time you visit Puerto Vallarta.





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