Puerto Vallarta
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5 de Diciembre Market: everything you need

By Tribune Travel

September 08, 2021

5 de Diciembre Market: the first sun rays bring along the awakening of the city. There is a place where people get ready to offer you the best products, the freshest fruits and vegetables, the just-caught fish and the most tender poultry, beef and pork carried from nearby farms. 

In the very heart of Vallarta, on San Salvador Street in Puerto Vallarta, is the 5 de Diciembre Market. It’s open from 6 in the morning through 4:30 in the afternoon. Here you can find a variety of fresh produce for home. if you are on the dairy side, you will delight in fresh cream, or a tasty jocoque, or the rancher’s cheese, the one you sprinkle on your food and get some stuck on your fingers. Desserts can’t be amiss; in this market you will find the typical Mexican sweets that will make all family happy.

5 de diciembre
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What can you find in the 5 de Diciembre Market?

Across the street are the fish stands. Seafood you crave, seafood they have from the day. Be the envy of your neighbors when you make a grilled bream that will leave a trace of attractive aromas for your nose. As a basic dish, find in the market all the essential ingredients for a delicious ceviche that everyone will love. You can learn from an extensive variety of fish you probably didn’t know. Always listen to the fish experts’ recommendations. They know the best ways to prepare them according to the species. You will not find better recipes anywhere else.


If children are restless, this market features a set of games to amuse them while you are done with your shopping. As you can see, this city market is a source of fresh, additive-free food. Be it for your parties or simply for your home meals, it is always the best option to find everything you need at good prices. The best part is that it represents income for the local merchants and support for the Vallarta economy.






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