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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

November 07, 2022

With time off from work and school, families usually take Thanksgiving vacations. Many choose to visit the warm shores of Puerto Vallarta, as the holiday season brings the year to a close. Thanksgiving is a time to be with your beloved loved ones. it is also an opportunity to reflect on all the both significant and minor moments that have made your year joyful. You can concentrate on your loved ones while taking in a joyful Thanksgiving feast without being distracted by holiday shopping or a never-ending to-do list.

Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

Thanksgiving vacations in Puerto Vallarta can take the place of the chilly wind and gloomy winter days. End of November is a great time to go for walks along the beach and excursions into the highland jungles because the temperature is mild without the humidity and heat of summer. Additionally, you can take part in a Puerto Vallarta Thanksgiving.


There are usually Thanksgiving celebrations in Puerto Vallarta, ranging from intimate get-togethers among friends and family to lavish feasts at nearby resorts, thanks to the great number of Americans who have relocated to the area and to the city’s high number of foreign tourists. Even though it’s not a national holiday, Puerto Vallarta residents always have a lot to be grateful for.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner

A real feast with all your favorite foods, such turkey, roasted vegetables, and pie, will be yours to enjoy. Thanksgiving is a popular holiday in Puerto Vallarta, so restaurants and resorts all over the city will be organizing holiday celebrations. Your holiday dinner will be replete with the seasonal delicacies and festive entertainment, and since you won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up afterward, your Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta will be focused on spending time with your loved ones and giving thanks.

Explore Puerto Vallarta on Thanksgiving

You will have plenty of time to spend with your family making memories and taking in the local culture when you spend Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll have more time to unwind by the resort pool or go exploring Puerto Vallarta without having to spend all day cooking a turkey and doing dishes. On land, explore Puerto Vallarta’s cobblestone streets and the renowned Malecon boardwalk.


You may also zipline through the mountains or hike to secret waterfalls in the woods. Sailing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling are available at sea. The holidays are all about spending time together, and treating your family to these events and excursions will create memories for which you will always be grateful.

Spend Thanksgiving Day in Puerto Vallarta this year by substituting warm, sunny days for chilly, cloudy ones and spending time around the table with your loved ones rather than racing to finish clearing the table. Thanksgiving dinner in Puerto Vallarta on your vacation can help you to make the most of your time together while still taking in the festivities of the season.





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