Puerto Vallarta
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Diving in Puerto Vallarta coral reefs

By Danna Sabido

May 30, 2023

Puerto Vallarta offers an incredible variety of diving sites to captivate beginners and experts alike. From volcanic formations to arches, tunnels and reefs, its waters are home to a fascinating marine biodiversity. Discover the best diving sites in Banderas Bay and immerse yourself in an underwater world full of life.


Explore Puerto Vallarta’s stunning coral reefs

Puerto Vallarta’s biological diversity allows you to immerse yourself in the native habitats of fascinating marine life. Eels meander among the rocks, camouflaged octopuses cling to their surroundings, and colorful seahorses float gracefully. Sea turtles swim majestically, and amazing tropical fish create a colorful spectacle on the ocean floor. But that’s not all, several species of manta rays, some with impressive wingspans, can also be seen in these crystal-clear waters.


Los Arcos

Los Arcos National Marine Park Puerto Vallarta

One of the most iconic diving sites in Puerto Vallarta is Los Arcos, a group of federally protected rock formations in the Los Arcos National Marine Park. The diversity of marine life here is extraordinary, including the rare blue-footed boobies, fish-eating birds that soar through the sky in large flocks.

Los Arcos is a snorkeler’s and diver’s paradise and a popular destination for day boat trips. The shallow waters are teeming with beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs, and those brave and experienced divers can venture into the Devil’s Mouth, a sand pile that leads to a sea canyon more than 500 meters deep.



Marietas Islands

Marietas islands

Another impressive diving site in Puerto Vallarta is Las Marietas, a marine reserve consisting of two large islands north of Banderas Bay. Famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau visited the spot in the 1960s. These islands are home to dazzling natural biodiversity.

Underwater tunnels and submerged caves are home to magnificent marine life and ethereal landscapes. Whatever your level of diving experience, Las Marietas has several diving sites ranging from 10 to 30 meters deep. In addition to the beautiful fish and corals, the rock wall at the southern end of one of the islands is a dramatic sight, dropping vertically from 100 feet above the waves into the sea. The Marietas Islands offer unique photo opportunities and the chance to witness unforgettable scenes.


Majahuitas Beach

Majahuitas is positioned as an excellent area of Puerto Vallarta for those who love diving and snorkeling. Located only 29 km away from Puerto Vallarta, this outstanding destination offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in an aquatic world full of wonders. In these waters, surrounded by huge boulders on the seabed, you will delight in a wide variety of tropical fish in all their vibrant colors. You will also encounter fascinating marine creatures such as octopus, spotted eagle rays and several species of eels that have made this area their home.


El Morro

Located just 42 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta in the Pacific Ocean, this spectacular diving destination will captivate you with its impressive pinnacles, caves and tunnels waiting to be explored. Diving in the crystal-clear waters of El Morro is like entering an underwater paradise teeming with vibrant and fascinating marine life.

Divers by El Morro, Puerto Vallarta

El Morro gives you the opportunity to escape the routine and immerse yourself in a completely different underwater environment. Explore the depths of the rocks that are home to an amazing variety of migratory and non-migratory fish, creating a spectacle of hypnotic colors and movements. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this wonderful underwater world in El Morro, a destination that will delight divers of all levels.


If you plan to go diving in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to ask your concierge or travel agent upon arrival about the many diving sites in Puerto Vallarta. Each of them offers a unique and exciting experience and guarantees that diving enthusiasts will be immersed in an underwater world full of wonders.





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