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Enjoy Nature Activities in Banderas Bay

By Tribune Travel

May 23, 2022

Humans have a genetic legacy that binds us to nature. Maintaining contact with natural environments is critical for healthy physical and psychological growth. Thus, it is critical to include live components into our city environments and to immerse ourselves in nature. Consciously engaging with it to benefit from phytoncides will help us relax, ease stress, and boost our immune system. When you are in Puerto Vallarta, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature activities all over Banderas Bay.

Today’s travelers seek natural activities such as planting, rustic fishing, and preparing food. Also, learning techniques such as grounding or earthing have become of great interest.

If you practice this kind of activities to your vacations, you will have the following benefits:nature activities camping Banderas Bay

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved immune system
  • Better mood and sleep
  • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure
  • Greater sense of serenity and vigor
  • Improved memory

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When you plan your nature activities, make sure they have as many as possible of the following features:

Bond with nature

Develop a strong bond with natural areas through activities such as grounding, forest showers, and nature contemplation.

Space awareness

Periods of full presence, breathing exercises, and present-moment connection, mindfulness exercises are viatl for your experience.

Empathy with our food sources and recognition of our place

Activities in interaction with nature, such as planting, caring for, and growing food, make us aware of our responsibility for the soil on which we live.

nature activities planting seeds Banderas Bay

Breathing exercises to rebalance

This innate resource that we take for granted is the best source of renewal, especially when surrounded by nature. Clean air assists us in strengthening our immune system, relaxing, and reconnecting with ourselves.

Interaction with other living beings

Try to fully understand the role of each life form on our planet and their function in maintaining balance. Compassion and empathy are intrinsic elements for regeneration and preservation of global well-being.

The somatic experience

Reclaim your inherent potential to self-regulate by honing your ability to detect your emotions and sensations. it will help you comprehend their origins and respond appropriately.

Fortunately, Banderas Bay area offers plenty of opportunities for this kind of activities. Sea, rivers, mountains, plain lands, you can find it all in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas. Do not miss out on them.





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