Puerto Vallarta
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Enjoy Street Art in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

October 03, 2022

The beauty of Puerto Vallarta has grabbed the imagination of visitors and artists. As you walk the cobblestone streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta, you will come across vivid murals and incredible graffiti art. There is a constant flow of new Puerto Vallarta street art to see thanks to local artists. With so much to see, you might spend hours walking through town. Use this guide to the numerous areas and attractions to see in Puerto Vallarta to make the most of your time.

Create Your Own Street Art Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Strolling along the cobblestone streets is a free activity you can enjoy at your own time. There is so much to see in Puerto Vallarta! You will find murals depicting children playing, tropical marine life, and renowned Mexican people. And that is just in downtown Puerto Vallarta. You will find some of the best murals in Puerto Vallarta authored by the most talented artists. Of course, local taco stands, restaurants, and shops will pop up along your own urban wall art tour. Stop and see what they offer too.

sculptures in Puerto Vallarta malecon

Street Art in Cinco de Diciembre

Begin your Puerto Vallarta art tour at the Cinco de Diciembre cemetery, where graffiti honors Mexico’s Day of the Dead traditions. The city’s largest mural street art collaboration, made to commemorate the opening of The Hive Studio Gallery is at the corner of Bolivia and San Salvador Streets. There are also Mexican musicians, a humpback whale, and tropical fish in the urban wall art in this region.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta Art

The Malecon has its own public art and life-size statues by well-known Mexican sculptors. The neighborhood inland is full of galleries and street art graffiti. Galleries stay open late on Wednesday nights for the Puerto Vallarta Art Walk. Outside, the Puerto Vallarta street art in Centro displays the beauty of the city as well as the lively culture of the country. Make a point of visiting the Malecon and local galleries as you plan your own urban wall art walking tour.

Mural Street Art in Romantic Zone

The Romantic Zone is the most traditional area of Puerto Vallarta. To see all of the mural street art, start in Gringo Gulch, the 1960s enclave where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton lived. Take a photo beneath the beautiful bridge that united their villas. Then, walk along Rio Cuale Island, where murals and statues are hidden among the palm trees. Keep your eyes alert as you walk through the Romantic Zone; you’ll come across more street art graffiti. More of the nicest things to see in Puerto Vallarta are to be found in this region. That includes the bright yellow cathedral and the shimmering mosaics in Lazaro Cardenas Park.

whale tail in mosaic park puerto vallarta



There seems to be a fresh mural painted on a wall everywhere in Puerto Vallarta. Local talent abounds and adds to the city’s culture. Take the time to wander the streets and take in all the art. You will begin to feel like a local.





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