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Hiking in Puerto Vallarta

Hiking to Cerro del Mono

By César Medina

July 28, 2023

If it is a matter of challenging yourself a bit, and of varying inclinations and scenes on the route, then you must visit Cerro del Mono.

Near Punta de Mita, in the town of Higuera Blanca, which is located a few kilometers from said Punta on the road to Sayulita, this time our trail will begin. Already in Higuera Blanca, we just have to find the main square and continue two more blocks to the side of the Health Center (Centro de Salud). There is plenty of space to park. The entire trail is about 3 kilometers.

Next to the stream that runs through there, there is a path running uphill. This path is wide and very good to warm up the muscles. We continue straight and the path becomes narrow and full of vegetation. Do not doubt, the trace of footprints on the ground will guide you. Here the road is completely horizontal.

Couple hiking on Cerro del Mono trail

Further on, there is a paved path, following it to the right will take us to an improvised access with tree trunks and a small and thin entrance for only one person at a time. Here we will be again surrounded by vegetation, and the path will gradually incline upwards until it reaches some rocks painted white and pointing to the right towards the foot of the mountain, just barely.

The path, again narrow and with many branches, becomes complicated. There is no way to not recognize the route. It is the only one, and it is increasingly steep, with even slippery and very steep areas that generally have ropes to facilitate the ascent. Attention. Be careful not to try to hold on to the fence made of barbed wire.

The route is always crowded, and each other, who sometimes meets or catches up along the way, cheers up and mentions the beautiful view that awaits at the top. The zigzags, and the tiredness in your legs will be bad advisers. The rocks that demand to raise your steps high, too. But the prize of climbing a small peak made up only of rocks that allow many places to rest and appreciate the Bay of Banderas, Punta de Mita, the open sea in front of Playa Careyeros, the towns of Higuera Blanca to the north and Sayulita to the south, has no comparison.

Cesar Medina on top of Cerro del Mono

After enjoying the top, and taking your snacks, in addition to some photographs, you can go down a bit among the rocks that point to Sayulita and repeat the session from this other small viewpoint that faces this Magical Town.

If you like to run in the mountains, you will notice that running here is almost impossible for most, but the trail offers different inclinations that allow us to train on various terrains. And on the way down, you no longer have to stop running, unless you stumble, of course. I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s incomparable.

Do not think that it is an impossible route, it is just a different time for each person because many, of all ages, and of all physical conditions, make the effort and reach the top sooner or later.





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