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How to get to the Mirador de la Cruz in Puerto Vallarta

By Danna Sabido

June 28, 2023

Among the many activities that Puerto Vallarta offers, climbing the hill of the cross and reaching the Mirador de la Cruz has become a must-do experience for those who visit the historic center of the city, since the Mirador de la Cruz offers a magnificent 360 degree view of all of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

For many people, the Mirador de la Cruz has long been a place of recreation and spiritual enlightenment. Its multiple vantage points and the cross’s imposing stature make for breathtaking photos and unforgettable sunsets in an extraordinary natural setting.

Though there had never been a formal lookout before, recent construction in 2016 improved the experience for visitors by adding stairs, hydraulic concrete, railings, and benches. There are even rumors that the location may one day house a café, which would give it an even more endearing touch, and that a cable car will connect it to the malecon.


History of the Mirador de la Cruz

Its construction was ordered by the priest Francisco Ayala between 1919 and 1920, and it is said that several Cristero War casualties were buried there.

The cross was originally made of wood, but it has since been replaced with a metal one. The original base, which was made of stone and brick, has also been preserved. Traditionally, people decorate it with flowers and papel picado on May 3, the day of the Holy Cross. A priest celebrates a special mass on site.

The ascent of the Mirador de la Cruz can be enjoyed by both family and friends, but it’s important to keep in mind the physical condition of young children and elderly people as well as the need for frequent breaks.

Small children can be transported in a stroller if at least one parent is physically fit, but it’s important to consider the steep slopes, steps, and the need of folding the stroller in some places.


View of Mirador de la Cruz and Banderas Bay

How do you get to the top of Puerto Vallarta’s Mirador de la Cruz?

It may seem difficult to climb to the Mirador de la Cruz, but the effort is well worth it.

There are several ways to get to this panoramic spot. One of them is along Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Street, which is a straight uphill route whose slope gradually steepens as you approach the viewpoint.

Another option, considered by many to be the best, is to take Abasolo Street from the Malecon and climb directly up the hill. The communications antenna visible in the distance serves as a useful guide along the way.

Since the trail can be physically taxing, it is advised to take your time and take in the scenery. Being in good physical shape is essential, especially if you are not accustomed to this kind of activity.

For comfort, it is advised to carry liquids and put on sturdy shoes. It is not necessary to carry bulky food or water bottles on the hike up to the viewpoint because it usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Along the way, there are ramps where locals sell water bottles, ice cream, chopped fruit, and some fried foods.

Once on the upper platform of the Mirador de la Cruz, visitors will be enveloped by a breathtaking view. Banderas Bay and the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains unfold before their eyes, taking their breath away.

While the ocean view is stunning, don’t forget to turn around and take in Puerto Vallarta’s breathtaking mountain range, which stretches to the horizon.

The viewpoint’s visual panorama is completed by the singular experience of taking in the green mountains in all of their splendor.


View of the Mirador de la Cruz in Puerto Vallarta

What do you need to know when visiting the Mirador de la Cruz?

It is recommended not to attempt to climb the viewpoint with people who have mobility difficulties and require the use of a wheelchair.

Despite the efforts made by the government to improve access conditions, the road continues to present steep slopes and flights of stairs.

The Mirador de la Cruz is famous for being one of the best observation points in Puerto Vallarta. From there, visitors have the opportunity to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of the Mexican Pacific in all its splendor.

Also, this excursion is regarded as one of Puerto Vallarta’s easiest and most rewarding free activities.

If you get the chance, don’t pass up seeing the Mirador de la Cruz because it will undoubtedly leave you with a lasting impression of the city and give you a glimpse of Puerto Vallarta‘s breathtaking natural beauty.






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