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Las Mojoneras Tianguis, a different shopping experience

By Tribune Travel

January 12, 2022

Puerto Vallarta is home to many national and international conferences that highlight the name of our city; it is also home to world-class restaurants and hotels, and events of the same category. However, not everything that happens in our port has to do with the world and its business. There are also events that are much more humdrum and less glamorous, but no less valuable at all. One of these events is Las Mojoneras tianguis. It is a flea market you can find every Sunday very close to Puerto Vallarta’s bus station.

Las Mojoneras is a neighborhood with a great popular tradition. Its Sunday market shares that characteristic with its venue. For many years the neighbors began to settle in a few streets to offer second-hand products at very affordable prices. What started as a garage sale has grown and become a market that is assembled and dismantled every weekend.

The first merchants start arriving at the wee hours of the morning. Unloading the metal structures, assembling the stands and setting up the merchandise are the first activities you can witness. And since we are talking about merchandise, do you know what you can find in this tianguis? In a nutshell, the answer is “everything”. You can find fruit and vegetable stands, prepared food (birria and pozole are the champions), some groceries, used clothes, tools, appliances and their parts, cell phones and accessories, toys, tires , books, musical instruments, footwear, jewelry, makeup, videos and music in different formats, even fish and fish tanks. As we said, everything!

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But the best thing you find in the market is the people. Friendly people, hardworking people who gladly offer the best of themselves along with their merchandise for those who come every week to look for products while strolling the streets and avenues of Las Mojoneras covered by the stands, which in recent years have grown in number and area of influence.

Las Mojoneras tianguis

What started as a neighborhood idea now receives products from across the region and beyond. Bee honey from Mascota, typical sweets from Talpa, leather articles from San Sebastián, cheese and dairy products from Cabo Corrientes, fish and seafood from Bahía de Banderas, and of course all the articles that we have described to you. By the way, if you want to go and sell some items, all you have to do is arrive at an early hour, find a place that is not busy and settle yourself. Someone will go to charge you for use right, but you do not need any paperwork.

Now you know it, to live a different experience, alternative to other occasions, I recommend you from first-hand experience to visiting Las Mojoneras market. I can bet you will leave with more than one craving or article that will be very useful in your daily life.





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