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Legendary Beach: Los Muertos

By Paco Morás

September 10, 2021

Puerto Vallarta features some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Pacific. But, have you ever thought that one of them would hide several legends behind its name? Los Muertos beach is about 2 kilometers long. it offers a variety of restaurants to taste the culinary art this coast offers. You will find from the traditional stuff such as grilled fish on a stick to some more sophisticated dishes.

Cafeterias, handicraft shops and hotels frame this natural beauty. On this spot is also the famous pier, from where water taxis, or pangas, leave for the beaches of Yelapa, Quimixto, Las Ánimas. At the pier several activities are carried out: fishing, swimming, and some diving. Have you already figured out what place I am talking about? You’re right, Los Muertos Beach! Not only is this beach as we have described, but also is it a symbol of mystery, forgotten or unknown by locals. Its name (The Dead Ones Beach) has three main stories. Draw your own conclusions and wrap yourself in the magic and mystery the waves tell for you.

los muertos

One of the legends tells that many years ago on this beach pirates would disembark to what was formerly known as Puerto Las Peñas. Upon arrival they sacked as much as they could and took advantage of dwellers. There were constant battles, but one got especially out of control, so big that a lot of people died on both sides, hence the name of Los Muertos.

But, what is the truth?

Another pirate story narrates that once upon a time the pirates used that beach as a bounty shelter. One full-moon night, a captain returned to look for his. However, he couldn’t recall the exact place where his richness were buried. He got desperate and sent his pirates on to look them out. After a long search a pirate bumped into the wealthy treasure. He saw it was too large and refused to share it, and all the pirates fought for the bounty. Legend has it that no one survived, and when people found so many dead bodies, they called the beach “Los Muertos”.

The last version is much more realistic and provable. It says that some time ago this beach was a cemetery. When the town and its population grew, they had to build another cemetery farther away from town. They say that when they were building this zone, workers found many corpses appeared. It made them believe more certainly that it was a cemetery.

Can you imagine being there to witness the battles among pirates or some ceremony under the moonlight? Vallarta keeps conquering us with its tourist attractions. Whatever the truth is, these stories don’t take the beauty away from this beach. On the contrary, they infuse a new mystic air, very attractive for everyone. I choose the pirate story, as it is much more romantic and exciting to picture those ships docking their ships at sunset… isn’t it?





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