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Mayto turtle camp: Connect with nature and help sea turtles

By Danna Sabido

August 08, 2023

Visit the Mayto Turtle Camp in the Cabo Corrientes municipality, close to Puerto Vallarta, if you have a love for the environment and want to make a difference in the world. This amazing camp serves as a crucial haven for sea turtles and a thrilling tourist destination where you can discover the value of conservation and how you can get involved.


Where is Mayto Turtle Camp and how to get there?

The Mayto Turtle Camp is located in the Cabo Corriente municipality, about 90 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta. On the Mexican Pacific coast, it is a secluded area of outstanding natural beauty. You can travel there on an exhilarating road trip that passes through Cicatan, Llano Grande, Tehuamixtle, and El Tuito on the way from Puerto Vallarta, taking in the panoramic views and the real flavor of the area. Prepare to unplug from the outside world; Mayto is a remote location where nature rules supreme.

Mayto beautiful beach

How can I help the camp?

The chance to assist in saving the sea turtles, an endangered species, is among the most thrilling reasons to go. The safety of the chelonians and their eggs is constantly monitored by biologists, technicians, and volunteers. You can participate in this vital effort as well:

  • Become a volunteer

Volunteer with the camp team to learn about the captivating field of conservation. Participate in nest monitoring, gather and relocate eggs for safe incubation, and release hatchlings into the ocean. Your assistance is essential to the program’s success.

  • Learn about environmental education

Learn about the different sea turtle species that frequent Mayto and how the balance of the marine ecosystem depends on understanding their life cycles. Spread the word about this information so that more people will realize the value of conservation.

  • Provide financial support

The camp’s operations are heavily dependent on donations and funding. You directly support their ongoing conservation efforts by going to the camp. You can contribute more money to support their work by doing so.

Mayto beach

Meet wildlife and unique landscapes in Mayto

The area around the camp is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a wide variety of wildlife, including pumas, deer, foxes, and coatis. Sometimes, you can spot them from a distance. A variety of reptiles, such as iguanas, crocodiles, and various snake species, are also available for your awe. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise because it is close to a coastline where many migratory birds can be found.

Mayto has a particular vegetation that has evolved to survive in semi-arid conditions. You will learn about the incredible environmental adaptation of the plants, from thorny scrub to mangroves and sparse-leaved shrubs. The lovely 11.4 km beach provides the perfect place to unwind and take in the unaltered beauty of nature.


Connect with marine life and visit Mayto’s turtle camp.

The Mayto Turtle Camp is a beacon of hope for sea turtles and coastal biodiversity. By visiting this place, you will not only have the opportunity to connect with nature in its most pristine form, but you will also be an active part of the fight for the preservation of these endangered species. Your visit and support directly contribute to conservation and environmental education, ensuring a brighter future for sea turtles and their habitat.

Don’t wait any longer to immerse yourself in the magic of Mayto Turtle Camp near Puerto Vallarta! Become an advocate of marine life and create unforgettable memories while contributing to the protection of one of the most beautiful and fascinating species of the ocean.





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