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The military macaw is one of the most original and charismatic members of the parrot family, but it is in danger of extinction

The Military Macaw in Puerto Vallarta: a majestic species on the brink of extinction

By Tribune Travel

January 24, 2024

The Military Macaw (Ara militaris) stands as one of the most striking and charismatic members of the parrot family. With its vibrant plumage, characterized by a mixture of green and red feathers, this species has captured the hearts of bird enthusiasts worldwide. Their life span is up to 60 years, they are monogamous, remaining together for life. This beautiful specie is as noisy as it is intelligent. Did you know that an adult Military Macaw has the brain of a 7 year old child?! We could keep going with fun and interesting facts about them for pages but we will now focus on an ominous threat they face — the risk of extinction. Puerto Vallarta is a paradise known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and rich biodiversity. However as it continues to attract tourists from around the world, finding a delicate balance between conservation efforts for biodiversity and sustainable tourism practices becomes imperative.

Threats to the Military Macaw:

  • Habitat Loss: The expansion of logging activities, and urbanization has resulted in the destruction of large swaths of forest, leaving these magnificent birds with limited places to call home.
  • Illegal Trade: The striking beauty of the Military Macaw has unfortunately made it a target for the illegal pet trade.
  • Climate Change: Altered weather patterns, including shifts in precipitation and temperature, can disrupt the availability of food and suitable nesting sites, further stressing the already vulnerable populations.

Fortunately, some locals won’t let Military Macaw Extinction happen!! Francisco Espino opened a Macaw Sanctuary called “Santuario de las Guacamayas” south of Puerto Vallarta. This sanctuary is a haven for the endangered species, providing a protected space for breeding. In this sanctuary no cages around however macaws come & make this place their home, that shows what an amazing job they do!

In order to keep doing their highly important work, the sanctuary needs funds. Local initiatives combined with sustainable tourism can make a difference!!

Authentik Tours is one of these Tour Agencies that offers unique experiences to the traveler and supports local biodiversity protectors and local culture! We highly recommend you to book a tour (or many!) with them, you will discover authentic Mexico with passionate people and participate in nature & culture protection. www.authentiktour.com

Without further ado, we wish you a very good day and hope that this article has participated in promoting awareness about the importance of conservation and inspiring a collective commitment to protecting the rich avian heritage of Mexico.







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