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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Jewel of Puerto Vallarta

By Danna Sabido

June 14, 2023

In addition to being a notable Catholic temple, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta is also notable for its significant architectural contribution and its influence on modern art.

On April 15, 1883, the priest Sabino Iruete laid the first stone, marking the start of the temple’s construction. However, after the foundations were finished, construction was stopped due to a lack of financial resources. The construction didn’t start again until 1900, and the first phase of the temple was finally finished in 1904.

Finally, in 1963, the task of completing the construction of the tower and the iconic crown of the cathedral fell to the presbyter Rafael Parra Catillo.

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is open every day and provides services in English on Saturdays and Sundays, reflecting Puerto Vallarta’s diversity and the presence of a global community.


The architectural value of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church


The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is notable for its neoclassical design, which has a regal crown reminiscent of baroque-style European temples, while the church’s towers are examples of Renaissance architecture. The architectural complex is a representation of Puerto Vallarta’s art and genuine urban setting.

The history and devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe are deeply rooted in the representation of her in art. A replica of the 1945 painting by Ignacio Ramirez that is revered by the faithful can be found in the church in Puerto Vallarta.

Tower and crown of the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12th: The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta


The church has seen a number of celebrations in memory of Our Lady of Guadalupe over the years. The celebration on December 12 features processions, pilgrimages, mariachi bands, and traditional dancers.

Before dawn, the Catholic faithful gather in the church to pray to the Virgin. Additionally, Mexican cuisine staples like atole and pozole are served at community banquets.

mariachi-marching during-festival-virgin-guadalupe-puerto-vallarta


In addition to making an important architectural contribution, the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta has had a significant impact on modern art. This church has a lasting impact on the local faith and culture thanks to its history, artistic portrayal, and joyful celebrations. It is a focal point for both residents and tourists.





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