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The Puerto Vallarta Malecon, a great place to visit in 2023

By Tribune Travel

January 25, 2023

Walking along the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta is one of the unmissable activities while you are on vacation. It is universally considered the number 1 of all the Puerto Vallarta attractions. Surely enough, the Malecon is the cultural epicenter of the city. It is also a favorite among both locals and visitors looking to spend an evening outdoors. But, what exactly is it that makes the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk so special?

Let’s find out!


Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta in 2023

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Puerto Vallarta and countless sights to see. When it comes to the Puerto Vallarta Malecon , the choice is easy. The Puerto Vallarta boardwalk has something for everyone. From sculpture tours to a local market, every traveler finds their own reasons to visit. it is so easy to spend a day wandering the boardwalk and exploring its charms.

Along the way, you will find some of the city’s top restaurants, inviting bars, and the best places to hang out. Whether you come for the shopping or for an afternoon of exercise, the Malecon boardwalk is one of the places you won’t want to miss.

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Local Puerto Vallarta Attractions

The Puerto Vallarta boardwalk is in the heart of downtown. It meanders past some of the most iconic Puerto Vallarta attractions. Start your day at the northern end of the Malecon by Plaza Hidalgo. This quiet park honors this leader of Mexico’s fight for independence. After checking out his bronze statue here, you will continue to see a variety of life-size sculptures along the Malecon.  They range from a man eating oysters to a swimmer preparing to dive. Snap a picture with the Puerto Vallarta letters by sculptor and artist Carlos Terre. That is, before checking out the iconic crowned cathedral.

The Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe is beautiful inside and out. Visitors are welcome to respectfully pop their heads in. Another one of best places to visit in Puerto Vallarta is the Rio Cuale. The boardwalk has a bridge over the river, but visitors should also pass down below along the island. There, a local market sells handmade products and palm trees provide respite from the heat. At the south end of the boardwalk, the Lazaro Cardenas Park is the perfect last stop. Covered in glittering mosaics by local artists, it reflects the vibrant energy of the city.


Things to do in the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta

The Malecon has earned multiple awards thanks to the variety of activities that appeal to all sorts of travelers. Early on, get a good workout in with the runners who head to the Malecon for their morning exercise. Throughout the day, there’s a variety of activities to enjoy along the boardwalk. Browse for leather goods, souvenirs, and beachwear in the local shops. Or sit down for a margarita or plate of enchiladas at the boardwalk restaurants.

Along the boardwalk are several popular beaches where you can lay out or try watersports, like paddleboarding and kayaking. To explore everything the Malecon Puerto Vallarta has to offer, hop on a local bike tour or just start strolling. In the evening, local vendors and performers make this one of the liveliest places to be.





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