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Tips to go whale watching in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

February 20, 2023

The humpback whales and their calves’ roving chorus fill the warm ocean seas off Puerta Vallarta every year from December through March. You must witness this thrilling natural phenomenon on the open sea at least once in your lifetime.

You will find all the information you require for your upcoming ocean tour below.

Whale watching tours are for early birds

Although the migratory season normally lasts from December through March, January and February may be the ideal months to go whale watching in Puerto Vallarta. You will find numerous dedicated whale-watching businesses in the area.

Remember, you must get up early. The trips are generally suggested for individuals of all ages, take place in the morning, and last on average four hours. As of January 2023, the average cost per person is $87 USD for adults and $77 USD for kids.

Important tip: Keep your camera ready because you will want to document your time at sea. Only bring the essential items: a hat, sunglasses, slip-resistant footwear, and a lightweight, waterproof jacket. Oh, and remember to use sunscreen!

whale breaching

Keep your ears open

That humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) can be seen at sea is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These huge marine mammals go from the freezing arctic regions in search of a warm haven in our Banderas Bay every winter.

Many of them come to become moms and start guiding their calves through the complicated underwater world in Puerta Vallarta’s waters. Male courtship and mating rituals pique the interest of many watchers. The Mexico Pacific Ocean transforms into a thriving environment for aquatic activities for a duration of four months. There is plenty of leaping, breaching, playing, and flapping.

Listening to their songs is equally fascinating. The whales produce these mesmerizing sound patterns in chorus, which can occasionally last up to 30 minutes. At Puerto Vallarta, the whale-watching boats frequently include specialized equipment that enables you to hear the whales as they interact with one another.

Important tip: If possible, try to reserve a hotel room with a front-facing ocean view. This will increase your opportunities to view whales from your balcony. It may be a quite stunning spectacle on full moon nights.

Practice ethical whale watching

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most biodiverse tourist destinations. A broad diversity of flora and wildlife can be found on its beaches, rivers, mountains, and, of course, the sea. We have an unmatched opportunity to coexist and communicate with them because of their proximity. Yet, it also carries a significant responsibility.

Selecting a licensed provider is key for your upcoming whale-watching excursion in Puerta Vallarta. They alone can ensure your safety as a visitor and the season’s observance of safe navigation and observation techniques.

Always keep in mind the following 3 fundamental guidelines during whale watching:

  • Be as gentle as you can with the whales
  • Be patient
  • Be sure to only watch whales with a licensed vessel or business.

Licensed boats should meet these requirements. Its crewsare typically marine biologists, nature photographers, and trained guides who are eager to impart their wisdom to you.

Prices for humpback whale viewing excursions include a donation fee. The contribution supports crucial conservation efforts and academic study of these oceanic giants.

Important tip: Check to see that the boat of your choosing has a clearly visible flag and that it has the proper permits from the Mexican authorities as a responsible eco-tourist.

Whalet tail diving into the Banderas Bay

Enjoy Yourself to the Full!

All that is left to do is choose the date and whale-watching tour you want. Before making your reservation, make sure to ask your tour operator about any travel restrictions, the place and time to board, and any other queries you might have. Enjoy this wonderful experience and have fun!

Important tip: Try to get to the boarding or check-in place early, at least 45 minutes in advance. Please, discuss the possibilities with your doctor if you are prone to seasickness so that you are aware of all your options.





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