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Vallarta Eats Food Tours: Eat Your Way Through the City

By Natalia Osuna

August 11, 2022

“Come hungry!” is what tour guides tell clients as they make their reservations. Whether it’s the Signature Taco Tour, Versailles After Dark, or Untouristed, the Vallarta Eats Food Tours are a foodie’s dream.

Eric Wichner, the company’s founder, says that he aims to “share his experience with food, culture, and rich history of this wonderful slice of paradise and its many unheralded treasures.” Originally from Philadelphia, USA, Wichner first came to Puerto Vallarta looking for a nice vacation. Yet, he quickly fell in love with the city’s incredible food and warm people. Thus, ten years later, he feels more like a pata salada or Vallarta native than anything else.

After Vallarta Eats’ first daytime tour, Wichner recalls that a guest came up to him in tears. He said, “I have been coming to PV for twenty years and have always been afraid to try these places.” He continued, “You have changed my relationship with Puerto Vallarta forever.” This is the experience that Vallarta Eats Food Tours strives to give. By creating several diverse tours, they have the perfect one for each type of client. They say, “Our tours are for everyone, whether it’s your first visit or your 50th.”

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Vallarta Eats Food Tours Options

To keep themselves updated, Vallarta Eats is always exploring and looking for new local gems to add to their tours. Their current ones include:

  • Signature Taco Tour (most popular)
  • Versalles After Dark (best food scene)
  • Untouristed (most adventurous)
  • Tacos After Dark (biggest seller)
  • Mole Pozole (best for comfort food)
  • Craft Brew & Bites (top value)
  • Tasting Vallarta (award-winning)
  • Private Tours (personalized, controlled dietary restrictions, accommodated physical limitations)

On average, most tours last 3.5 hours. Then, prices vary depending on the type of tour selected. Starting at $45 USD for children, and ranging from $55 to $75 USD for adults. The Tasting Vallarta tour is limited to adults and costs $99 USD, as it focuses on local fine dining.

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vallarta-eats-food -tours

Food Tours with Authenticity

If you want to experience Puerto Vallarta and Mexico’s incredible flavors, Vallarta Eats is the perfect opportunity. Follow their bilingual tour guides on an adventure to see hidden spots and locals’ favorites. Not only will these tours allow you to try incredible Mexican cuisine, but also watch how it’s prepared up close. Aside from this, getting to meet and interact with local business owners will make the experience that much more authentic. The tours also give great exposure to these local entrepreneurs.

So, are you a foodie looking for a way to truly experience the local cuisine, people, and life here? Vallarta Eats is the perfect one. They “work and live in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, and take pride in sharing their home with you.”

To learn more and book your tour, head to: https://www.vallartaeats.com/





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