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Bariatric Surgery Benefits by Hospital Joya

By Tribune Travel

March 15, 2023

Bariatric surgery was created to help people with obesity problems who have been unable to improve and control their weight for many years. It is especially useful in cases where the patient is already having health issues, including complications like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, and others.

Obesity is one of the biggest health issues in Mexico. It is a complex condition with many different complications, and its causes are multiple. However, eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and the difficulty of losing weight as you get older all have an impact.

Currently, bariatric surgery is regarded as the best option for treating patients with a body mass index of over 40 kg/m2 who are morbidly obese. They are surgical techniques used to control the body’s size by reducing the stomach. The process is determined by the requirements and health of the patient.

A multidisciplinary team of medical professionals must manage this kind of surgery and make sure the patient is aware of all the changes they will experience, the kind of diet they will need to follow, and the care they will need to take. The patient’s understanding of possible long-term outcomes and the objectives that need to be established are crucial to the process that will follow.

The post-operative diet aims to help patients lose a significant amount of weight while also teaching them new eating habits that will help them keep the weight off in the long run. The diet typically consists of foods that are high in protein, low in fat, fiber, sugars, and calories. Additionally, successful weight loss, comorbidity control, lifestyle improvement, and enhanced lifestyle outcomes are anticipated if all indications are followed.

The patient and the medical staff each contribute 30% to the success of the surgery. The patient should be educated on how and why they should adapt their eating habits, as well as the importance of making the commitment to look after themselves, get active, eat slowly, avoid liquids at meals, respect portions, and stay in touch with their doctor, nutritionist, and psychologist at all times.

It has been shown that weight loss following this intervention lowers the risk of death from heart disease, diabetes, or cancer and shows significant improvements in areas like mood, depressive symptoms, body image, or physical mobility in a significant portion of obese patients who undergo bariatric surgery.

This procedure has been shown to be a fully effective means of treating obesity; it reduces excess weight, achieves a high rate of improvement and remission of metabolic comorbidities, which has improved the quality of life and life expectancy of the operated patients and ensures a long and healthy life, free of risks and hereditary factors for family members.

At Joya Hospital you will find the best specialists in gastroenterology and other medical specialties. Contact them at 322 226 8181 or at Paseo de los Cocoteros at the corner of Paseo de las Garzas, Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit.





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