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Hospiten tells us about a success case of hemodialysis in Cancun

By Tribune Travel

April 18, 2023

Cancun has grown to be the top tourist destination in the world and welcomes visitors who believe that no illness should prevent them from going on vacation.

Cancun has the technology to perform specialized medical treatments, like hemodialysis, applied to people with kidney problems, in order to give travelers this comfort and safety.

According to Dr. Jose Raul Reyna Raygoza, director of the Nephrology and Dialysis Service at the Hospiten Cancun Hospital,


Hemodialysis is a treatment whose main function is to replace the kidneys in those patients whose kidney function is not adequate, where they have a very deteriorated function, below 10%.

Kidney failure can have a variety of harmful effects on the body, including the buildup of toxins, fluid retention, electrolyte imbalances of sodium, potassium, and calcium, conditions that put the lives of those who experience them in danger.

Hospiten Cancun

The case of Maria Teresa Vázquez Mendoza, who had renal insufficiency, is a successful one.

She developed fluid retention in her lower extremities, arms, face, and even started to experience fluid buildup in her abdomen, which put her life in danger by potentially damaging her heart and lungs.

The patient underwent emergency hemodialysis sessions to resolve the fluid retention, and within a month, her disease was under control.

After that, she responded to the treatment. Maria Teresa is a success story that we have at Hospiten Cancun. She is now free of hemodialysis because her disease was diagnosed and treated early.

Thus, the specialist advised that people have blood and urine tests, which are carried out in labs, performed at least once a year to make sure the kidneys are functioning properly.

Since they are the group most at risk, people with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or who are over 60 should pay special attention to their kidneys.

Signs of kidney issues

– Hands and feet swelling as a result of fluid retention.

– Foamy urine and/or color changes.

– Tiredness.

– Paleness

– Sleep disruption

– Loss of food flavor


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